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Transgender Woman Sues CrossFit For Not Letting Her Compete w/ Women

Transgender female CrossFit participant Chloie Jonsson is suing the fitness organization for $2.5 million after they rejected her request to compete against women in the upcoming CrossFit Games. 

CrossFit determined that since Chloie was "born a male" (their words) she would have to compete against men. 

Jonsson underwent sexual reassignment surgery in 2006 and is legally recognized by the state of California as a female. (She's also 5'4" and 151 pounds, in the event that that matters.)

Tensions have clearly elevated between the two parties based on a letter obtained by TMZ Sports:

In fact, TMZ Sports obtained a letter from CrossFit to Chloie in which the CF pulled no punches -- "We have simply ruled that based upon [Chloie] being born as a male, she will need to compete in the Men's Division."

CF argues ... "The fundamental, ineluctable fact is that a male competitor who has a sex reassignment procedure still has a genetic makeup that confers a physical and physiological advantage over women."

But in the letter, CF gets aggressive -- saying, "Our decision has nothing to do with 'ignorance' or being bigots -- it has to do with a very real understanding of the human genome, of fundamental biology, that you are either intentionally ignoring or missed in high school."

Do you feel CrossFit was right or wrong in its decision not to allow Chloie to compete against other women in the CrossFit games?

CrossFit maintains that transgender participants will be "welcomed with open arms in this community, but what we will not waver from is our commitment to ensure the fairness of the competition."

Did CrossFit handle the situation appropriately? Should Chloie be financially compensated?



I agree, Chloie should not compete against women. Just like women who take male hormones are disqualified in the Olympics, these same rules should apply. Chloie still has the genetics of a male. Also, CrossFit was unnecessarily rude and patronizing with some of its comments.

Found more pics of Chloie and info here

But if shes completely finished with the reassignment she is a woman now, she takes hormones to make her a woman so she receives the same amount of hormones as a woman not a man.

Hormones affect some physical changes such a breast growth, but it does not affect genome. Therefore she would still have a biological advantage over other women, making the competition unfair. 

I agree with CF.  I'm all for Chloe, but she needs to be a little realistic.  CF is not being bigoted...

I do not think that she should be allowed to compete, because despite our gender identity, scientifically speaking we, as men, would have an unfair advantage in athletics. If a man who identifies as a woman is allowed to compete against women, i think it can be argued that women who identify as men should have to keep against men, giving those competitors a disadvantage. That being said, Crossfit "crossed" the line when they insulted her intelligence with the fundamental biology learned in high school comment. No need for insults.  

compete against... sorry my mistake.

In this case,it is a real tough call. I understand her frustration and hurt and disapointment....but I also do kind of agree with CF. She may be legally a woman,but technically she would still have the genetic makeup that of a man and therefore I understand y they would want her to compete with the men. Its a very grey area.

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