"Transphobia" Added As New Word In The Oxford Dictionary

A picture of the New York Post along with the word "transphobia" has been added to the Oxford Dictionary (only part of that is true, of course), thanks to a massive online petition that captured the right attention. 

The Oxford Dictionary as well as the dictionary used with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) includes the new term thanks to a Change.org petition that accrued nearly 10,000 signatures. 

Reads the petition in part:

Including the term “transphobia” in the dictionary is not about accepting the horrible hate crimes that take place, it is about giving recognition to all those who go through a daily struggle because of the state of our society. It’s about identifying the attitudes that deny the transgender community equality and respect.

Members of the transgender community experience victimisation purely because of their gender expression; for expressing the person that they truly are. Entering “transphobia” into the dictionary will both educate people about the stigma that transgender people face and prove that this vulnerable community is not invisible.

(h/t: Queerty)