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Trio Of Broadway Hunks Cover Sia's "Chandelier"

Three of the hottest men on Broadway have flexed their vocal chords to the tune of Sia's "Chandelier."  Only issue: they're wearing too much clothing! 

What do you think of the rendition of Sia's "Song of Summer" competitor from Brandon Rubendall, Adam Roberts, Jake Odmark (l to r)?


Would have preferred seeing the guys shirtless singing this song.   That would have impressed!

My ears are bleeding. Im suing this site

Mmmmm not sure but I could try to swing too heheh

Three great looking guys and they can sing. 

Yeah, you lovely people that think these guys can't sing... you basically know jack sh*t about music.  If Sia heard this, I'm sure she'd love it  Different style, fantastic voices, and a keen, tight understanding of harmony.  

I am with you. It's such a good song and these guys are pretty, but they definitely sound like rat sh*t. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either tone deaf or mesmerized by their looks!

They're cute. I'll take the one on the left. But frankly, I had to go listen to the Sia version to make sure of what song they were butchering. Good voices, but they really kinda ruined the song with too much harmony, and no rhythm at all. 

Good singers, terrible rendition, completely devoid of emotional depth

Sia's version is so emotive and honest, these boys have turned it into a benign hotel lobby version. Dull. 

I prefer this version over Sia's

Um...was this real, I was thinking it was a spoof...AWFUL and disrespectful to the magnitude of effort the original artist puts into the song and getting it across to the listeners. Stop while you're ahead bois...better just to stand looking cute, just DON'T sing...

Can you sing anywhere near as well?  Stop typing. 


seriously???? eeeeeeeeeek

That was awful

stick to your day jobs ;-)

Well they are actors/singers on Broadway....

horrible acoustics, i want my time back


That was good.... and the harmony was on point ..... and they had major control..... good job guys

I found it stunningly beautiful. Please record it!

Kind of creepy. I think I'd have liked it better if, like Sia, they'd turned their backs to the camera. Admittedly, I liked it better when I closed my eyes. Definitely an audible-visual conflict. Neither bad, of course, but together it's just a lot.

The room is too live. The blending/echo/reverb made it difficult to hear the actual song. It actually masked the song. It's a shame. It ruined it. It sounds like it had potential. If you're going to be in a room that active you have to annunciate more. Let there be space and crispness. The room will blend you. :-/

Of course you're "anonymous".  Give them a break jerk.  It's not a professional video.  It's three amazingly talented guys standing around singing. And it's beautiful. 

Beautiful voices.

they are beautiful and amazing and this ^^dick is an asshole.

Aw, happy to see Adam is doing well. 

Can't really undersatnd them either.

god...enough with the gay actor faces. painful

I like it! Always wanted to sing like that.

Not that great, and not that hot either, well maybe just the guy on the left.

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