Trump Blasts Fake News, Then Praises Fox, Before Reminding You That Hillary Lost

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to blast CNN and MSNBC for "fake news," while commending Fox for their coverage. 

Oh, and he also took a moment to remind us all that Hillary lost.

The Hill reports:

President Trump early Wednesday blasted the “fake news media” and leaks from the intelligence community after reports emerged that senior aides with his presidential campaign were in contact with Russian officials. Trump in his first tweet of the morning said the “fake news media” is “going crazy with conspiracy theories and blind hatred.” Trump slammed MSNBC and CNN, but said Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” is “great!”

Trump’s tweets follow reports in The New York Times and CNN that campaign aides were in “constant” contact with Russian officials. The officials cited in the Times report said they have not discovered collaboration between the Trump campaign staff and Russian officials related to the hacking of Democratic organizations. The Intelligence Community in a report released last month concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an influence campaign in an effort to help Trump win the White House.




H/T: Joe My God