Trump Plants Kiss On Lesbian Officer Who Heroically Stopped Congressional Baseball Shooting

You may remember Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, who displayed a great deal of heroism as she kept the recent congressional baseball shooting from spiraling into an all-out massacre. 

In the days following the violent event, the out lesbian officer was widely praised by the public for her courageous actions

Then this week, Griner and four other first responders were invited to the White House, where they were presented with the prestigious Medal of Valor award. 

But after Donald Trump gave Griner her award. he then leaned in to plant an uncomfortable kiss on her cheek.

Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic coalition, was quick to call out the inappropriate display of affection.

Bipartisan Report adds

“Griner’s discomfort is palpable, and she even appears to try and pull away from the president at one point.

“However, she wasn’t able to put enough distance between herself and Trump and had to endure him forcing himself on her.”

Many people on Twitter echoed Dworkin's sentiment:

Do you think it was appropriate of Trump to kiss Griner?

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Did he kiss the four other people that he gave medals to?  If not, then it was inappropriate and unwanted physical contact.  What a disgusting pig of a man.

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