Trump-Supporting Drag Queen Will Tour With Milo Yiannopoulos

You might remember Elaine Lancaster, the Florida-based drag queen who said she lost work after coming out as a Trump supporter.

Don't cry for her, because as Lancaster explains, she's found a new gig in touring with homocon troll Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Lancaster (who out of drag is known as James Davis) told the Miami Herald:

“It’s a free-speech rally promoting Milo’s free-speech book. It’s going to be a love fest. I’m going to tell my story, how I came into doing drag.

"First we’re going to Orlando on Friday. The next one is in Australia. International destinations. The tour hasn’t been laid out yet.”

More from the Miami Herald:

Lancaster is a former “Real Housewives of Miami” co-star who once presided over White Party, Miami Beach Gay Pride and countless other social events as one of South Florida’s most recognized drag performers. She has been photographed at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach and with first lady Melania Trump on the set of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Everything fell apart though, when Lancaster took to social media and suddenly became better known for her support of Trump than for South Florida’s myriad LGBTQ events.

LGBTQ activists, many former friends, derided Lancaster on social media for her conservative positions. The hysterics reached a crescendo in July when Davis (dressed as himself) joined a CNN panel and told viewers that his decades-long career had been “blackballed” for openly supporting the nation’s 45th president.

News of Lancaster's decision to tour with Yiannopoulos followed reports that LGBT event producer Brandon Voss had to relieve her from her job as emcee at his Señor Frogs drag brunch in Miami.

Voss told the Miami Herald that he was “being forced to let her go because of what public opinion is.”

“She understood that her political position and big mouth are causing trouble for me in my business.

“We’re friendly and she decided to step aside.”




It's not discrimination to hold people accountable.   Her views are hurting people in the community...she has achieved much in her life and career and the community supported her in getting there.  Members of the the community who feel her views are hostile to others have the right to withdraw their support if they feel it's what they must do.   We are all held accountable to our statements and ideals, not just Ms. Davis. 


Stop discriminating against gay and transsexual conservatives! Remember when the Village People sang about how you could be whatever you wanted to be? A doctor, a cowboy or an Indian chief. What happened to their dream?

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