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The Truth About Trump's Ban on Trans Soldiers - Can He Do It? What Can We Do?

The Twitter shit storm that holds the position of our president just piled another turd onto the pile of idiocracy that threatens to drown our nation. 

Donald Trump just announced that the military's going to fire all of its trans service members because it's too expensive to pay for their health care. Can he do that? Is he right that trans soldiers are too expensive to allow in the military? And is there anything anyone can do about this? - Matt Baume

We've all seen a plethora of posts about how much this costs and that costs, we've seen transgender soldiers telling our heel-spurred president to tell them to their faces that they cannot serve and they are a burden.  To the burden comment, I posted today:



Of course my post isn't going to solve the problem, but it was theraputic to write.  What can we do?

Here's Matt Baume to tell us what we should know and what we can do.



Staying informed and being visible and voting fellow turd stackers out of office.

If only it were that simple. But it can be as long as we follow through. 

Luckily we do not have military leaders jumping at every tweet and taking it as approved policy.

Navy admiral: Business as usual for now with transgender sailors

The Navy won’t change its transgender policy until the White House provides further guidance, according to an email obtained by the Navy Times from Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Vice Adm. Robert Burke.

The Pentagon, and by extension the sea service, ”will not take any personnel actions or change any policy until further guidance from the President is received,“ Burke said in the Wednesday email.

The Pentagon is working to ”quickly discern the President’s intent” regarding transgender troops currently serving, Burke said.

In the meantime, medical care for transgender sailors will continue, he said.

“I recognized that today’s announcements regarding changes to the transgender (TG) military service policy are causing concern for some of your Sailors and that they likely have questions,” Burke said in an email to select admirals. 

Any questions regarding transgender policy or individual sailor case questions should be referred to the Navy’s Service Central Coordination Cell, he said.

“Treating service members with dignity and respect is something we expect from our Sailors at all times,” Burke said.  -

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