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Tulsa Police Allegedly Refuse To Investigate Death Of HIV+ Gay Man Found Naked In Blood-Covered Apartment


Benny Longoria, an HIV+ gay man, was found dead and naked in his Tulsa, Texas apartment--which was reportedly covered in blood. So why are police allegedly refusing to investigate his death?

Dallas, Texas LGBT activist C.d. Kirven writes in Dallas Voice:

A friend found 40-year-old Benny Longoria lying dead and naked in his Tulsa apartment on June 20, but police there failed to notify his family for more than a month, according to what family members have told me.

Representatives of the property management company that operated the apartment complex reportedly said there was blood everywhere in the apartment, and yet Tulsa police continue to refuse to investigate this as a suspicious death, despite the family’s repeated pleas that they do so.

No autopsy was performed and Longoria’s body was immediately cremated at the request of police, due to his HIV status.

Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker has refused the family’s investigation requests and insists Longoria died of natural causes, as determined by his primary care Dr. Frances Haas. But when I contacted Dr. Haas to verify cause of death, representatives in her office told me they did not sign a death certificate and do not know how Longoria died.

Longoria's family is apparently being completely stonewalled by Tulsa Police.

Kirven reached out the Tulsa Police Homicide Division and had the following interaction:

When I contacted the Tulsa Police Homicide Division, Sgt. Walker told me Longoria family can get a lawyer or whatever else they want to do — he doesn’t care, and he will never allow Benny Longoria’s death to be investigated. I pointed out that no autopsy was performed and that Benny Longoria’s doctor did not support the police department’s statements on cause of death, and then asked what medical training Officer Brad Sheryl had that allowed him to determine as cause of death in this case. That’s when Sgt. Walker hung up on me.

Elvia Longoria told me: “Witnesses say that Officer Brad Sheryl has my brother’s phone, and we want it because we believe it’s critical in finding out what happened to Benny. But Sgt. Walker refuses to admit they have his cell phone or to investigate his death. Why does he get to treat us this way?”

"He doesn't care." What's the deal here?? Why would the police refuse to give up Longoria's phone to his family? 

How could finding a dead body in an apartment "covered in blood" not be deemed suspicious enough to warrant an investigation? (Also, Copper Mill Apartments allegedly told the Longoria family that police burned all of Longoria's belongings because they were covered in blood and he was HIV-positive.)

This sounds exceedingly corrupt and we hope Longoria's family will receive some justice. 


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This is WAY to crazy and "activist" and non-professional reporters need to calm the heck down.  From what I was gathering, and I could way off base: they had a murder scene and his guys was into some things he should not. The family was not able to be contacted was was out of contact so they cremated to body as a "non-claimed" body... in steps "psycho activist" and demands things that would be part of the investigation and sic's the news on the department and it blows on on the Departments face because she has no legal standing to make the requests, despite what her ego thinks.

It is sad but police and the department cannot tell someone like this activist when they call the corner, medical examiner or who ever for the reports and demand answers they cannot tell them there is an "investigation" because they are acting so combative they seem suspicions and will not take the fist "no comment" for an answer that finally the person on the phone says "we did not do one" then they spam that answer all over the net, their blogs and news letters.

Police work is like a Locomotive, it starts slow but it will build up steam. I know this because first hand because I have a BS in Criminal Justice and Pastoral Studies and a Mdiv and I work as a Chaplin for a metro police department and a county jail... in addition at the local AIDS project and RedDoor Clinic.

I think the Lady activist is the one thats needs to be looked into as well as the report of the DV.    She allegedly  lied about allot of the info . Not sure why she would do this if she did lie. If  after all the dust settles and it shows she  did lie, all it does is make the Gay community look bad.    Im sorry  he died and prayers to his family and friends.

The Reporter on the article needs to check out the information before subtitling the article, and the Editor needs to as well  check the facts,  The DV looses their  creditably  when they post articles like this.

The activist  posted on her FB page....

 Do you want Elvia Longoria's phone number to verify facts? The sad part is I asked for your help and sent you all the facts. Tammye spoke to Elvia and others so she knows I'm under attack by Tulsa police. Councilman Merdrano asked me to help family. I'm fighting for everyone who has HIV or their family who want to be treated with respect! I've done nothing to you and I'm already under attack so I don't need this! I will be following up with a lawyer for slander at the news station you posted and others because all evidence, family and the truth is on my side! Plus Tulsa police are about to get hit with an ADA Dept. of Justice HIV discrimination investigation

*reporter not report :>

Instinct, do more research and report responsibly on this before getting more of the public, and our community at large, all worked up.  This claim has been disputed by the TPD AND the local equality organization as a false report by an independent media reporter.  

The article that was tagged/linked in this post has been deleted by the Dallas voice. The comments got to bad i think.

Sounds very suspicious. The family should contact the FBI or Justice Department.

Why does he have to be gay and 'poz. I'd like to see hags encourage him to have poz sex straight. 

Tulsa Tx? No! Oklahoma yes. If this is true, then it seems the cop knows who killed him and is an accomplice after the fact. 

If you look at Facebook the Dallas Voice admits they did not fact check it just put it out there to see what happens. Came from a freelance writer. Every aspect of the story is false outside of the fact the man died. Nothing else is true.

This sounds so incredible and unbelievable, if this is indeed a true account. If true, knowing how the OK governor feels about LGBT rights, she is not going to do anything about it.  If true, then everyone from Tulsa who is involved in this should be fired and never work in law enforcement ever again.

Tulsa is NOT in Texas. I would say every one in Oklahoma needs to put pressure on that Police department or maybe call in the FBI. How does a police department order a body to be cremated? That is an individual choice and the family would have taken the body. The police burned the victim's clothes??? And kept his phone? Something is very wrong here. Either this article is way off base with it's "facts" or this police department is very corrupt. There is no way a police chief would sanction this.

You got the state wrong in the article. This is Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa Texas is a ghost town. Is anything else wrong in the article if a basic fact like this is false?

Sounds to me like the police have something to do with this man's death and are trying to cover something up.

All Texas needs to put pressure on the Tulsa, Texas Police Department to perform a proper investigation. Additionally, the Texas Rangers need to get involved for evidence tampering and falsification of police reports in a suspicious death. How can ANY officer, when discovering a room covered in blood, NOT rule the death as suspicious?

Tulsa is in Oklahoma

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