Turkey Moves To Become Second Majority-Muslim Nation To Protect LGBT Citizens From Discrimination

If all goes as it was planned on Monday, Turkey will follow Albania to become the second majority-Muslim country to support its LGBT citizens through non-discrimination legislation. 

Gay Star News reports:

Turkey looks set to join Albania as one of only two majority Muslim nations to protect sexual minorities from discrimination after its Constitutional Consensus Committee agreed sexual orientation should be added to a section of a new draft constitution.

Homosexuality was added only to a 'justifications,' section of the draft constitution which functions like a guidebook or appendix for judges and prosecutors.

The clause was added despite some deputies from the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party decrying that it would make it a ‘homosexual constitution' but the move appears to have been successful as a trade off with allowing Muslim women who wear headscarves to become state employees and mayors – something that was previously forbidden.

If adopted, Turkey's LGBT-inclusive new constitution should ensure the country's acceptance into the European Union.