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Twitter Employees Raise $530K For ACLU. Exec Chair + CEO Both Match = $1.59 M Total.

Did presidential candidates raise as much money and as quickly as the ACLU is right now?

ACLU Receives Remarkable $24.1 Million In Online Donations with some of that from when Lyft Donates $1M To ACLU To Combat Trump's Muslim Ban and they just received a little more.

Employees at Twitter have raised $530,000 to support relief efforts following President Trump’s controversial immigration order, according to Twitter employees who spoke with BuzzFeed News. That figure was matched by the company’s Executive Chair Omid Kordestani and CEO Jack Dorsey, the employees said, citing a company-wide email sent Wednesday evening. The total $1.59 million will be donated to the ACLU.

Reached for comment, Twitter confirmed the amounts. -


We reported that Tim Cook Emails Apple Employees Denouncing Immigration Ban, but will there be funds to follow?

We do have one more suggestion to Twitter.  They money is great, but there is just one account that may need to be deleted.

For more on what other tech moguls are saying, head over to

Thanks again guys! One match was great, but two matches?  Unbelievable!