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'Two And A Half Men' Leads Headed For A Gay Wedding

We doubt this is a twist fans of Two and a Half Men saw coming! 

It looks like the two leads, portrayed by Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer, are headed for their own gay wedding. Or at least a proposal.

Did we mention that they're both straight??

TVLine reports:

In its farewell run (premiering Oct. 30), the long-running sitcom will find Walden (played by Ashton Kutcher) proposing marriage to Alan (Jon Cryer) — if not in the name of love, for a greater good.

“Walden is going to have a major health scare and it is going to give him a bit of an existential crisis,” CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler told reporters Thursday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour. “He wants to find a way to add more meaning to his life, so he decides he wants to adopt a child. And in doing so, he starts the process and he realizes that it’s very difficult to adopt a child as a single, straight man.”

Cue the popping of a Q! “So once and for all, he decides, ‘I’m going to propose to Alan,’” Tassler shared. “‘We’re going to get married and adopt a child as a gay couple.’”

Hmm...Two and a Half Men isn't exactly known for its tasteful portrayals of, well, anything. Is the CBS chairman concerned about backlash from the gay community?

“I think it’s a very positive statement,” the network boss counters. “[Walden believes he is] going to adopt a child as a gay couple, and the reality is he can do that. In a universe where at one point you couldn’t do that, and now you can, I think that’s a much more positive statement that he’s making.”

What do you think, Instincters? Will this plot twist from Two and a Half Men go over well?


Yay, we've been reduced to a plot twist.

I guess this is supposed to be seen as progress. :/

Saw a couple of episodes a few years ago.  Seems like the same running joke every episode.  Typical bad writing... when you can't think of something funny throw in something about sex.

Seen ashton in any movies over the past 5 years or so?? Me neither. Is why he has owered himself to this role.

Notice when these has been actors hit career rock bottom they resort to any role that comes there way. He is gross too.

The problem I see is that they are two straight men "Pretending" to be "GAY" just to adopt a child. So how does this help the GAY community? I don't watch the show anymore, but it still sounds wrong.

John Cryer is gay....

He may be gay in real life but in the show he plays a straight man.  I think that guys pretending to be gay to be able to marry for benefits is something that is bound to happen anyway.  I don't watch this show anymore anyway so it's whatever. 

I believe it will help the gay community by letting the watchers know that it is okay to be married as a gay couple , and to adopt children ad well.

Not if giving anti married equality groups another reason to be against it by showing an act of fraud by posing as a gay couple for benefits.

The plot and details of the marriage don't ultimately matter.

As long as marriage equality is put into situations as easily as straight marriage then it will more likely be seen as belonging in any situation.

That's the ultimate lesson we need to communicate.

Yeah because two men getting married and adopting a kid is so fucking funny & radical. Ugh, I hate American sitcoms.

Haven't watched it since they killed off Charlie. (They killed the wrong brother) 

Sounds like they're going the DALLAS route, it's all a dream and Charlies is coming back to close the show.

People, quityerbitchin!! It's a damn TV show! As if your opinion really matters! Neither does mine! Watch, don't watch, no one really cares. IT'S A FREAKIN COMEDY SITCOM FOR THE LOVE OF GOODNESS! Move on!!

This is ridiculous!  As if Jon Cryer could ever get a guy as hot as Ashton Kutcher.


Who cares?  I'm still not going to watch it. 

I agree, its still a piece of shit. They can chuck and larry it all they want,its still a heeping pile of crap.

As a gay man, I think it is good to see this on tv. I think this will help warm people up to the idea that its ok to be gay and be married. I think if gay marriage is portrayed enough on tv, it will become normal and no longer a big deal. As other commenters have mentioned, marriage has taken so many different forms and it means different things for different people. If these two get married to give a child a home, then thats doing something good. And nothing else is really important. Its warming a larger audience up to the idea of seeing two men together and giving a child a loving home. Kudos to the producers for adding this in. In the end, they arent hurting anyone. If it were a straight couple, no one would have anything to say. Its about time people get used to seeing the meaning of the word "family" take on a different shape. (Grammar Nazis- Do what you do, I'm not perfect, and congratulations for being able to point out others mistakes. Doesn't make you a better person:-))

I think it's OK.  It's a sitcom, not real life.  Besides, the concept of marriage solely as a means of expressing love is becoming increasingly antiquated, in my opinion.  In fact, if marriage was handled more like a business transaction, I think it might be taken more seriously and be entered into with more consideration.

This is a baaaad idea. Marriage should never be done for purposes of by-passing the law or the rules. It should be about 2 people committing themselves to one another... not as a way to manipulate the system. Conservatives already feel that making gay marriage legal is somehow showing favoritism to gays... this gives them ammunition that people are gay by choice and therefore this marriage isn't real... and with that neither are any gay marriages

It's a comedy show..

This is ridiculous, it is a good thing that the show is in it's final season because with this stunt they will have officially jumpe the shark.  the only message that this is sending is that once a gain the sanctity and meaning of marriage can be used for comic relief and be devalued.straight gay, or any other marriage used for any other purpose than for an ultimate symbol of love between two adults is a devaluation of the idea of marriage.

Disgrace to gay marriage, you should never marry for reasons other than love. You don't choose to be gay for any reason.

Gay. Straight. Who cares. This show really sucks in a lot of ways. And having two straight men get married so they can adopt a baby is the kind of writing level of Whit Chicks. Congrats on the stupidity America. 

Awesome!  It will send a positive message.

I have mixed feelings on this.

Mmmm... Walden. Hi... hello.

Never watched, never will. 

I think it is wonderful/

Anytime Ashton wants to portray any type of gay is awesome

I think it is awesome that two straight guys go gay for an adoption. Cool. And I am gay.

Great, another Hollywood story mocking gay marriage.  

Why can't they just have a story about two men who love each other getting married?  Why do gays always have to be the object of ridicule?

first let me point out its a sitcom so bars not that high secondly the gay men i know that have got married are still cheating on there partners (just like the straight 1s i know) marriage is a joke both straight and gay who wants 2 be a miserable bastard the rest of there days let thos that want 2 bet have there shit on a 50/50 chance be but why bitch when we all know marriage is a joke 

Punctuation might help in making your point. I can't even begin to figure out what the hell this says.

Well why the hell not!

As long as Ashton is shirtless, I see no reason to complain.


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