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Two Gay Men Battle For Michigan Mayoral Seat--Is This The Future?

Is this an embarrassment of riches? Two gay men are going head to head in the Ferndale, Michigan mayoral race.

Craig Covey became Michigan's first openly gay mayor in 2008. Now he wants his seat back as he battles Mayor Dave Coulter, the state's second openly gay mayor. 

According to USA Today

The race has left many of Ferndale's gay voters perplexed as they now have to decide between two strong gay candidates in the November election.

"What can you do? They're both great guys," said Cass Varner of Ferndale, who is communications director for the gay social organization Affirmations in the city's downtown.

Some gays said the former mayor, Craig Covey, will stifle their political gains by targeting another gay politician, Mayor Dave Coulter. Others said that a gay politician should be free to run against anyone, anytime.


"Some people have said, you two are pretty similar in a lot of ways," Covey said.

"We're both gay, we've both run AIDS organizations, we're both liberal on social issues, we're both white Anglo guys in our 50s.

"But on fiscal issues, I'm pretty conservative," Covey said.


Champagne problems, Instincters!

Any Michigan natives have any insight into this contest? 

Is this a peek at what's to come in future political races as more and more openly gay candidates step up?


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