Two Men Sentenced To 8 Months In Jail For Suspicion Of Being Gay

Two men in Tunisia have received a prison sentence after they were presumed to be gay and were forced to sign a document confessing to homosexual activity. 

Pink News reports:

The men, Achref, 20 and Sabri, 21, were sentenced on Friday to eight months in prison.

This comes after they were arrested on 7 December in the city of Sousse.

L’Express, a French newspaper, reports that the men were told by the police officer that he suspected they were gay.

According to the report, the police officer called gay people a “curse” on the country.

“Were you doing something with your boyfriend?” one of the police officers asked, according to the report.

Speaking to L’Express, Achref says the men were slapped around and made to sign a written confession of the allegations.

He also says they were anally probed.

The pair were said to have committed "sodomy on the street" according to a written statement, despite the results of their "anal probe test" coming back negative.

The men are currently out on bail; their guilty verdict awaits confirmation in April. 



These are the governments we should be bombing.  


Explain to me how you bomb a government without killing innocent civilians, including the very people you are trying to save?!

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