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Two Navy Guys Deliver Cutest 'Frozen' Lip-Sync Duet!

We're in love. 

Two adorable Navy baseball players melted our cold hearts with this perfect lip-sync duet to Frozen's "Love Is An Open Door"!! 


Love is an open door, indeed.

Seriously, we need names and numbers, STAT. (Ship numbers, perhaps?? We can start prepping for Fleet Week!) 

Also, we're going to be smiling for the rest of the day. Thanks, guys!!


LOVE it! The expression on the passenger's face cracks me up (and the guy in the back). Especially when there's a break and he smiles directly at the camera. Keep it up, guys!

Great to see their joy!

Would have been cuter if they were smiling more during the lip-sync, but it was good :)

That was awesome. I haven't seen pros do it better. Excellent!!
Would like to see more.

hahaha! that was great guys! put a smile on my face :D

it just had to be the Navy, you wouldnt get the Army doing this

Dude I have seen Army vids like this b4, I have seen "Call Me Baby" done by soldiers and just as camp so get over it 

That is great song.... Wish have open caption cuz I am deaf 

That was great lol

Soooooo Cute

That was awesome on so many levels and sooo adorable

That was fantastic! Must share on fb! 

He's number 23 on the Navy Academy baseball team. He's the pitcher. This took me not even five minutes.

You are good Sir.

ugh, the youtube/google+ profile is for a Matt Kilby.......

The guy in the back must have really enjoyed that haha

LOL! That was CUTE!!!! Two hunks!! WOOF!! Love the video bomb too!!! GREAT, guys!

woof woof how sexy

"in the Navy, in the Navy"

OK......way TOO CUTE and brightened up my Monday.......must share on FB!


too cute--

just glad they didnt crash

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