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Two New Restaurants Open On The Drive In Wilton Manors And We Want Them To Stay


For the past three and a half years I've lived in Wilton Manors, Florida, the gayest place in the United States (most years it's ranked 1st or second in the nation).  It's gay status is not the single reason I moved to Southern Florida, but it is a good bonus.  Lots of gay men, bars, and restaurants.  Finding that great bartender, and wonderful restaurant can be a daunting task. I've already found my favorite bartender, Natasha at Hunters, and I think I just found two top contenders for excellent new food spots.

EAT - 2150 Wilton Drive

Yes, Eat is the name of a new place to ... well ... eat on the drive.  If you remember Scarfones on the Drive, you know where EAT is. Examining the menu, you would think one Italian place for another, but that is where the comparison ends.  In my own words, EAT seems to be a simplified Italian restaurant that will surprise you.  My first glance at the menu had me seeing eggplant. I believe it was on the menu 4 times.

On my first visit, I had the eggplant parmesan sandwich which was the perfect amount of flavor explosion and mess, but for my second visit I pleasured myself with the fried eggplant w/ honey appetizer.  Both were filling and will be ordered again. Friends had a wedge salad, the antipasto, as well as the open faced something or other au jus sandwich that had some of the best marinated meat.  I'm a picky eater when it comes to cole slaw.  Get it, eat it, love it. 

As for the service, OUTSTANDING.  Our waitress outside was Jamie, later we would find out she was the daytime manager.  She made the evening fun and was so honest when we asked questions.  This is why we tip.  The night time manager / chef John Wolf (sp) popped by our table, too.  He was fun to talk to. I never say I am press/blogger when I go in to these places so I do not know why John promised to make me an amazing skirt steak salad next time I come in. He had already made the evening great with his banter, but skirt steak is one of my go to dishes. 

Service, food, and who can pass up tasty, yummy, eggplant ... everything and then some were great at EAT.  Thanks for filling a void on the drive.


Ethos Greek Bistro - 2055 Wilton Drive

Just down the street taking up a space that has been vacant for YEARS, Ethos Greek Bistro brings its charm and cuisine to the drive.  It's not all olives and feta and lamb, but those are definitely a part of the menu. 

My first time here, I was a little confused reading the menu since I have never really eaten that much Greek.  We tried a variety of small plates and were very pleased.  The second time we went, there were too many opinions flying around so I threw out the idea of doing the Silver Taste of Ethos ($21 per person).  Think of it as a pupu platter Greek style.  The spreads, salad, grape leaves, and the meat platter were so filling and the flavors were intense.

Our waitress Dorothy, yes, Dorothy, was very attentive of course my eye was drawn to the young man with the phenomenal hair that brought over the meat platter.  I asked him to tell me about the meat so he would stay a little longer, but I also wanted to know.

We had leftovers from both restaurants. The pricing was very good at both places.  So good that I didn't remember the pricing of most items and I watch my spending and budget. If I wasn't concerned, you shouldn't be.

With restaurants moving in and out of Wilton Manors, we need good options to come in and stay. Italian and Greek, EAT and ETHOS, please stay. 


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