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TX Councilwoman Elisa Chan Now Facing Ethics Violation Charges Following Leaked Homophobic Rant

Disgraced San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan is now facing ethics violation charges following the leaked audio recordings of her homophobic and transphobic rantings. 

The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

The San Antonio, Texas city councilwoman whose secretly recorded staff meeting revealed her virulently anti-gay and anti-transgender views is now the target of ethics charges based on her comments at that May 21 meeting. Elisa Chan has been charged with ethics violations by a local citizen and Democratic consultant who filed a complaint as a direct result of the may 21 recording that shows Chan disparaging LGBT people and using her tax-payer paid staff and office for political purposes — a direct violation of San Antonio city council rules.

Democratic campaign consultant D’mitri Kosub’s complaint includes the allegation “that a partisan political purpose was served because the discussion focused on how statements, actions, or policy administered by the office would be received by the partisan political group of voters who participate in the Republican primary or those voters who the councilwoman perceives constitute her partisan political base.”


“When taken together, these statements indicate that the May 21, 2013, staff meeting was conducted for the partisan political purpose of preparing statements and policy to specifically appeal to potential voters in an upcoming Republican primary,” the complaint also states.

“But once a representative is elected and sent to do business on behalf of all constituents,” D’mitri Kosub told Texas Public Radio, ”I think that it’s really important that they work very hard to avoid even the appearance of bias or favortism, and that rather than working for just their small partisan political constituency, that they work for the district that they were elected to represent as a whole.”


Think the charges will stick, Instincters? Should they??




Stick it to the evil cow.

Thank you, Mr. Kosub!

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