Tyson Beckford Visible Peen Line In Super Revealing Undies

Modeling and acting sensation Tyson Beckford is the understated king of Instagram, and while sure, we can get distracted by his perennially shirtless Insta contemporaries such as Zac Efron and Cameron Dallas, when you really think about it, Beckford pretty much owns them all. Don't believe me? Just check out the ridiculously sexy way that Beckford decided to commemorate his 47th birthday! The buff beauty flexes his lethal guns for a selfie, and just so happens to flaunt a gargantuan bulge compete with VPL, or visible penis line of yo nasty. 

Honestly, this man can do no wrong, and obviously is immune to aging, so here's to another 47 years of Insta Tyson Beckford bulges! Why not?


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