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Uber Fires Driver Who Refused To Pick Up Gays

A Parisian driver for the internationally ubiquitous ride-sharing service Uber was pink-slipped over the weekend for refusing to allow gay customers to enter his car. 

The Local has more:

The incident happened in the centre of Paris overnight on Saturday when two men ordered a car from ride-sharing service Uber.

When the driver showed up, he asked the men a few questions, and after determining they had come from a gay club he refused to give them a ride. The driver allegedly said ‘I don’t take gays’ and drove off, French daily Le Parisien reported.

Still needing to get home, the young men again requested a car from Uber. Incredibly, the same driver turned up again, prompting them to snap a picture of his license plate.

The driver didn’t like being photographed one bit and allegedly shouted at one of the men, “Come here, I’m going to break your phone." Fearing for their safety, the two men headed back toward the club.

Their move prompted the driver to shout: “Come on, get in gays, I’ll take you home” before he drove off. At that point the men took to Twitter to denounce the incident and inform Uber of what had happened.

Julien Leo Pasktier (pictured above) brought word of the discriminatory incident to Uber's attention on Twitter:

("'No, I don't take gays.' @Uber_Paris thank you to your driver plate number CSM759DM3 5:57am who refused our trip because it wasn't up to his taste")

Uber's Paris office quickly took action, first suspending the driver in question (@Lucas_Hrrschr Hello Luca, this unacceptable behavior is absolutely not representative of the spirit of Uber. The driver has been suspended.) before firing him an hour later ((@MaXawauf @Lucas_Hrrschr I can confirm the driver will fired. We don't joke around with this.)

What do you think of Uber's handling of the situation, Instincters?




The reality is that this type of stereotypical gay should be black balled, as they have a purse that falls outta their mouth everytime they open it, while prissing around so flamboyantly. Miserable queens!

Believe it or not, most (if not all) flamboyant men cannot change the way they act. They aren't forcing  themselves to be feminine or consciously choosing to behave that way.They just are, it's part of their DNA. Not sure why you feel the need to outwardly express disgust or hatred for these people who are doing no harm to anyone, but that's your own issue not theirs. 

FYI Uber drivers aren't employees, they are contracted partners. They get deactivated, not fired :)

First of all I'm so glad these guys were able to take a picture and report this asshole!  Had they not done this, they wouldn't have gotten the justice they deserved.  Second of all, great job on UBER for holding up their values and demonstrating that there are decent people out there who don't tolerate discrimination!   Great article!

thank you  UBER.   we use uber in NYC.   We had all kinds of drivers , mostly eastern europeans and all of them are well mannered and liked.  Paris is the last place I expected that to happen.

I dont know what Uber is but I want some now

Two thumbs up

Nicely handled Uber! Hats off to you!

What a tweezon !

Great job! Quick response!

That's good to know and see. Thank you Uber.

Way to go Uber! It is the right thing that you did. Thank you!

Great job Uber

Damn right good for Uber.  people have to know that discrimination these days us totally unacceptable!

Thumbs up to Uber for their immediate response to this. Makes me feel good about using their service even more when local or travel.

No the exact translation is "I don't take faggots".

Well, that was ridiculous. It took risking his job to give them a ride? HOMOPHOBE!!! 

What the driver said was : I don't take faggots, not I don't take gays... He was clearly insulting the guys... But why didn't they call for a real taxi ???

Uber is cleaner!

What the driver said was : I don't take faggots, not I don't take gays... He was clearly insulting the guys... But why didn't they call for a real taxi ???

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