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UCF Pledge Says Fraternity Kicked Him Out For Being Gay

George Dumont, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, took to YouTube recently to share his story of allegedly being kicked out of Beta Theta Pi's 2013 pledge process five days before acceptance because he's gay. 

Dumont shares a screenshot of a text message conversation he had with other fraternity members after he received news that he was kicked out. 

Dumont: “Was there a reason why?”

Fraternity friend (name blacked out): “They were ‘uncomfortable’ with things that were said. Aka they are homophobic. It’s disgusting and caused a late night meeting with me almost pulling my own pin."

Dumont did file a complaint with the school, but waited until February 4th to do so. He spoke with Clay Coleman, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, who arranged a meeting with Beta Theta Pi President Nathanael Jones as well as the frat's chapter president. In that meeting, Jones insisted that the men in his frat "have several openly gay brothers. Coleman didn't report much else from the conversation, but does say that he met again with the frat's representatives on March 18 "regarding concern."

The school's glacial pace on handling the issue has allowed the frat to release an official statement to steer the scandal in its favor:

“The men of Beta Theta Pi are certainly disappointed by the recent video statement indicating our chapter is intolerant based upon one’s sexual orientation,” Jones says in the statement. “Consistent with how our Fraternity passed legislation in 2006 codifying that sexual orientation cannot be used as a basis for determining one’s membership, a gay student who also belonged to our pledge class last fall was initiated as a full member in November and is now enjoying the full rights and responsibilities of Beta membership.

"Our brothers have gay relatives and gay friends, and we have long prided ourselves on being an inclusive fraternity that values diversity in all forms – no matter the race, religion, creed, nationality, age, socio-economic background, disability or sexual orientation. Of course, it is naturally difficult for all involved any time an individual is released from membership – whether it be during the pledging process or as a fully initiated member – but our hope is that everyone can move forward positively and in support of each other’s goals and aspirations in the months and years to come.”

That brings us to Dumont's YouTube video. To put pressure on the school's investigation and the issue itself, Dumont joined a friend to bring his story public attention by creating the video. 

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Fraternities are fine with gay men and have been for years. There was something else going on here. What's more likely is that they probably just didn't like him. 

Face it, people. Everything about UCF and Central Florida in general is FUCKED UP. It took years for the damned Orlando City Council simply to include sexual orientation as a protected class in its anti-discrimination code, and even then, only a freaking $50 fine could be levied! Just like it's state government, UCF administration is obviously corrupt and incompetent.

Hmmm...... Why in the world would someone want to be a part of a fraternity that didn't want him mainly because of his sexuality?! Why be a part of something when they would most likely make your life a living hell! Personally? I think he was just playing the "gay card"!

Some times just happens and that kind of behavior show, some people are better and others just are part of many, not special so, be strong you can't imagine how amazing thinks will come to you man. I tell you with my bad English. I'm an architect, sport life and everything in my life was always for better. 

I have heard what goes on in fraternities. My friends have told me all the shit that went on in his fraternity. This kid would have fit right in.

Ignorant, ignorant comment.

Coming from someone who is an active member in a fraternity you have no idea what you're talking about.  I feel sorry for you for buying into cheap media portrayals of what a fraternity is.

Maybe he wasn't good at given the brothers head. You know one bad bj will smear your good name. Get over it dude, join a gay fraternity. Unless your ashamed to support your brothers.If your gonna buy your friends it should be with ppl that will gladly accept you and your money. Quit playing your gay card, eventually someones gonna call your bluff.

I'm sure America would stand for this if he got on his knees. We're supportive that way!

I would like to see the un edited version. Parts of this were so over edited that it could distract people from the issue.

The University of Central Florida's Sociology Department houses the journal that published two Regnerus-study-related anti-gay issues in June/July and November of 2012. UCF's Dr. James Wright knowingly and deliberately subverted peer review ethics to publish those two issues -- which political gay bashers all over the world are now using, often successfully, to incite to anti-gay hatred, anti-gay legislation, and anti-gay violence. The two issues of Wright's journal (Elsevier's "Social Science Research") both involved gross editorial misconduct on Wright's part. UCF is refusing to comply with reporters' Freedom of Information Act requests.  UCF's public communications department, meanwhile, is deliberately lying to the public about what went on. It is obscene that the university is not insisting on transparency in this scandal.  It is perhaps even more obscene that UCF students are complacent, apathetic and ignorant about what their school's professors and administrators are allowing to go on. Even were it not for the anti-gay aspect of the scandal, the fact of deliberately contaminating the scholarly record is shameful, and against UCF's own academic honor code, its CREED.  

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