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UFC Fighter Kyle Kingsbury Bends Over To 'Legalize Gay' At Weigh In

UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury is making his support for gay marriage very clear!

Kingsbury expressed his support in a way that couldn't be missed during the FOX 12 weigh-in event in San Jose! 

We got it, Kyle, but feel free to show your support any and every day!!

Watch his weigh in here! (Skip to 25 minutes-in.)


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



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They would have looked better if they were boxer briefs.

I want The Scale Man's Job. He gets to See All the Cock!

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As soon as you find out about that job, feel free to let me know too. Lol

It kills me the camera men be so scared of showing a lil bulge. They pan up quickly, but they'll be all in the cleavage on a big chest woman. On a note, how do I apply to be the guy at the bottom who works the scale? hehehe...

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