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Uganda Defends Anti-Gay Law At United Nations Human Rights Forum

Uganda has taken its defense of its anti-gay legislation to the United Nations. The nation defended its anti-gay laws, which allow gays to be sentenced to life in prison, on Thursday to the U.N. Human Rights Council. 

Reuters reports:

Ambassador Christopher Onyanga Aparr told the United Nations Human Rights Council that sexual orientation was "not a fundamental human right" as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a landmark 1948 treaty.

"It is important to underscore the fact that the law is not intended to discriminate, persecute or punish homosexuals by the sheer fact of their sexual orientation. Rather the law is aimed at protecting and defending Ugandan society from social disorientation," he said.


"It seeks to protect our children from those engaged in acts of recruiting them into homosexuality and lesbianism," he said.

The law also sought to curb the use of paid homosexual sex to induce disadvantaged and vulnerable people, he said.

"The law also aims at discouraging homosexuals from publicly exhibiting their sexuality and sexual acts or practices," he added.

What do you think of Uganda's defense of its anti-gay laws to the U.N.?



Uganda should reconsider this new law. It seems that the hatred that its government has for gays and lesbians is so great that it has blinded them from making sound policy choices for the entire nation, unfortunately the removal of aid will only effect the most vulnerable within Uganda's borders including our LGBT brothers and sisters that already suffer in conditions of extreme poverty. It is so unfortunate that Uganda's leaders are not willing to open a more productive dialog with the west.

Cut funding from every continent n let these people die off soon.

Your extreme scenario of letting an entire nation (men , women, children , even our LGBT brothers, sisters and allies within the nation) die off is not the right course of action, That is not how we solve problems in the 21st Century.



Africa is truly a lost a cause!

In this case Uganda certainly seems like a lost cause and maybe there is some truth in that a lot of Africa in regards to gay rights may never truly embrace western ideas regarding same sex relations but lets avoid grouping the entire continent that way with your sweeping generalizations. South Africa is in Africa and it was the fifth entire nation (meaning everywhere in the country) that legalized same-sex marriage (The United States still has yet to do so.). in fact 22 African nations & territories have decriminalized Homosexuality, and 8 have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. Would you characterize this progress as a lost cause? Surely the gay community in Uganda does not believe that what they are fighting for ( the fundamental right to be who they are) is a lost cause. 

However disgusting this policy may be I don't think cutting off help is the answer as those whom are innocent will suffer.

Sadly, economic sanctions and Trade Embargos will need to be levied against Uganda to have an impact. With the gross majority already living well below the poverty line, the impact of sanctions will likely not make a difference to the masses. Why? because this is Africa and the truth is the majority of world aid and support is funneled to the corrupt leaders of the country. Often re-selling aid supplies and food to other countries for profit. 


So then only gay people should suffer and we should just hope they act on our verbal disapproval. If it was any other demographic besides LGBT - 99% of the people that think the way you do would be all over this. If they decided to discriminate against short people, disabled people, Jews, Christians, blacks, women - those people would all be demanding that funding be stopped. If it's LGBT or Muslims - somehow most Americans think bigotry and prejudice are less offensive against those groups. That's what is disgusting.

What if you had family living there and the aid coming to your village kept food in your families mouth? Do you think their suffering is worth another's protection? I hope not. A means to an end is not an answer. Ethnocentric views are what is causing this problem. We need to encourage our countries leaders to step in politically not make innocents suffer.

Pathetic! They can try and justify this but anyone with brains know there is no logic here.  Cut off Uganda.

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