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Uganda President Signs Anti-Gay Bill, Gays Can Now Be Sentenced To Life In Prison

Updated Monday at 9:27 PST:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has released the following statement:

Instead of standing on the side of freedom, justice, and equal rights for its people, today, regrettably, Ugandan President Museveni took Uganda a step backward by signing into law legislation criminalizing homosexuality. As President Obama has said, this law is more than an affront and a danger to the gay community in Uganda, it reflects poorly on the country's commitment to protecting the human rights of its people and will undermine public health, including efforts to fight HIV/AIDS. We will continue to urge the Ugandan government to repeal this abhorrent law and to advocate for the protection of the universal human rights of LGBT persons in Uganda and around the world.

Thoughts on the White House response, Instincters?


Original Post

President Yoweri Museveni signed Uganda's anti-gay bill into law on Monday. Homosexuality can now be punished with sentences of life in prison in the country. 

Reuters reports:

Uganda's president signed a new law imposing harsh penalties on gay people on Monday, defying protests from rights groups, Western donors and a warning that it would complicate links with major ally Washington.

The new bill punishes anyone convicted of having gay sex with jail terms up to life, according to a draft of the legislation.

It also makes it a crime to fail to report someone for breaking the new law, again according to drafts.

It remains to be seen how United States will officially respond to this newly signed legislation. The Obama administration has previously denounced the legislation and warned that its passage complicate relations:

According to Reuters:

A senior Obama administration official had said the United States would review U.S. relations with Uganda if the law was enacted. Washington is one of Uganda's largest donors, sending more than $400 million a year in recent years.

We're not on board with the U.S. government continuing to fund a nation that puts our LGBT brothers and sisters behind bars. What about you, Instincters?


Reduce their income money from the u.s. set up programs educating LGBTQ to the masses. Obviously the people are too much of followers to realize arresting LGBTQ's won't do shit for their country. Though they are being senseless idiots I don't agree with killing people off. Or reduce the incoming money steadily until they drop stupid shit like that and educate on peace and acceptance.

If it's not fear of us, what could it be?   The need for scapegoats?   Why is this surge of anti-gay propaganda hitting it's stride now?   There is a need for this condemnation.  What are they getting in return?  

End all their aid and pull our diplomats out and send their diplomats back and isolate their means of supplies and trade. Let's really send them back to the stone age and good riddance....

How does making a significant portion of the population suffer help the situation? And remember that greatness began on the African continent. Not to mention that the "stone age" they seem to live in is continuously being exploited for its riches. So ease up!! 

I'd say those $400M dollars could be better spent in our own country, but only in states that don't discriminate against its citizens.  

I say cut off all ties with Uganda. Let them see how long they can last without help.

Every effort should be made by International governments, religious organizations & The UN to end the victimization & total discrimination against LGBT people in Uganda, Nigeria and other nations that seek to destroy our basic human rights.

All aid should be stopped immediately & withheld.  It's worrying that it won't be enough & that victimization & violence against LGBT people might increase in response to these tactics, but the US cannot be seen to support these human rights violations.

Write to The White House, The UN, The Pope, news organizations.  A light must be shone on these atrocities.  We have to try to bring global attention to these issues.

Those $400 million can be put to good use elsewhere !! Would they give money to Hitler's Germany?! I don't think so. So why should this be any different?

The US shouldn't send them another cent.

I completely agree.

End all aid! Let's see how long their government will last

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