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Uganda To The West: 'Keep Your Foreign Aid'

Well, well.

Uganda doesn't seem too worried over threats that the nation will lose its aid from Western nations following the signing of its anti-gay law, which can sentence gays to life in prison. 

Guardian Liberty Voice writes

This was made known by the government spokesman Ofwono Opondo. He tweeted, “The West can keep their ‘aid’ to Uganda over homos, we shall still develop without it.”


Some nations have already started freezing or diverting foreign aid. Holland, Denmark and Norway are some countries that have announced they will be diverting or stopping aid to Uganda. While Denmark and Norway said are redirecting around six million euros, Holland stopped a seven-million-euro subsidy to Uganda’s legal system. Opondo, however, didn’t seem bothered. “Western ‘aid’ to Africa is lucrative and (a) profitable trade, they cannot cut off completely. Slave trade, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, and exploitation, Africa must stand up to Western domination” He said.

As we previously reported, the United States is currently reviewing their relationship with Uganda and Secretary of State John Kerry has compared the legislation to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. 

Uganda says the West can keep their aid. Shall we call their bluff??


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please strengthen diplomatic ties with Asian countries,notably china,japan and the Arabs.the filthy west are just degrading beings of all species.partner with your African brothers and strife you will no doubt prosper.

Many African countries already have strong ties with these nations that you speak of, with the exception of Japan, which has strong western ties, especially with the United States. And many of the countries that Uganda has aligned with simply are not willing to increase aid, due to an elective political issue that has caused damage to its economy. That aid is generally for mitigating economic, health , infrastructure and educational shortcomings due to uncontrollable external factors.The fact that Uganda will lose western aid because it passed a law that violated universally recognized human rights that are part of those nation's national consciousness, is not an uncontrollable external force (given that those consequences could have been foreseen). And even the notion that as a result of Uganda's poor decision making, other well aligned nations should make up the missing aid on top of their current contributions will certainly be looked upon with varying levels of ridicule by officials in said nations. But with all that being said; I wish you...good luck with all that, with 99.999% certainty that nothing you say happens.

The aid should redirectred directly into pro-LGBT organisations in Uganda. BAM. 

We should keep our "Homo" aid from all these useless countries. Get a job uganda..

Take it all away, let's see how they fare without it. Tunnel-Visioned bigots!!!

These gov officials get gifts from Southern states religious right fanatics like pastor Scott Lively, who use gay people as scape-goats, labeling us as bogey-men and source for problems in the world. He equates being gay as pedophiles! 

Firtstly, your comment really has nothing to do with the article, and in addition to it's lack of usefulness in this discourse you go on to characterize the southern states as the only home to the right wing religious fanatics. News flash the southern states didn't vote yes on prop 8 in Cali or pass a prohibition on same sex marriage by ballot measure in Oregon. My point is there are right wing conservative religious groups influencing politics throughout our country in every corner. You are the one using southerners as scapegoats and labeling them as the bogey-men and source for LGBT problems in the world. Which is not a productive stance to have. As a gay North Carolinian I can say that there are millions on people in NC and throughout The South that are religiously and socially liberal, and detest the developments in Uganda. It's the centuries of gerrymandering of our districts that favors conservative candidates and makes it nearly impossible to get liberal progressive leadership here. We and our communities allies have the responsibility to advocate for our local and worldwide communities so in the future David lets try to do that, instead of presenting stereotyped divisions that hinder that process.

Fine; you don't deserve my hard earned money you waste of life, barbarian Nazi maggot.

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