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Ugandan President Goes Back On Word, Plans To Sign "Imprison The Gays" Bill

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has gone back on his word. Legislation that calls for the imprisonment of the country's LGBT citizens (including life sentences) will receive his signature despite his recent denunciations of the bill. 

In December, Museveni told Uganda's Parliament that gay people are born that way. (He didn't state it humanely, insisting on referring to us as "biological abnormalities.) Western human rights activists also received Museveni's word that he wouldn't add his name to the Draconian bill. 

But under intense pressure from political colleagues, Museveni's resolve to do the right thing fractured. In late January, the president decided that he would actually sign the bill if he received "confirmation from scientists that this condition is not genetic.”

Members of the homophobic Ugandan Parliament with medical backgrounds convened to present Museveni with a "confirmation from scientists." “Speaking as a medical doctor," committee co-chair Chris Baryomunsi told BuzzFeed on Thursday, "homosexuality is just deviant behavior. It can be learned, and it can be unlearned.”

Fourteen homophobes with medical backgrounds presented their discredited beliefs to the panel, and it has now been confirmed that Museveni will sign one of the most troubling human rights violations of the modern world into law.




just stop sending money to help this country of simpletons.............

This is so much more than the passing of a bad political bill. This is a declaration that LGBT people are less than human & a virtual invitation for the general population to disregard our rights, safety & well being. People will suffer far worse than imprisonment because of this draconian bill. I am so afraid for Ugandan LGBT people. So sad. SAY SOMETHING!

Write to The White House, The UN, to John Kerry, anyone you think may have some influence.  This kind of global discrimination must be stopped.

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