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Ugandan President Moves To Deny Bail To Imprisoned Gays

It seems like only yesterday Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni was promising the world he wouldn't sign a bill making it illegal to be LGBT in the African nation. As we reported last week, however, Museveni's had a change of/lack of heart and has gone from 0 - 666 by signing the legislation. 

Now he's attempting to take the human rights infraction one step further after agreeing to support an amendment that would deny bail to gays jailed under the new law. 

The Daily Monitor reports:

The ruling party majority yesterday resolved to back President Museveni’s proposal to deny bail for sodomy suspects, defilers and rapists and tasked Ministry of Justice to expedite the process of amending the Constitution to that effect.

Mr Museveni, in a renewed call for the scrapping of the bail window for suspects in capital offences, told the NRM Caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi that the status-quo is encouraging crime in the country.

While corruption is not part of President’s list of targeted offences, sources told the Daily Monitor that “sodomy” was included at the behest of MPs who told their party leader that it has become such an “insidious” problem in the country.


Now, take this with a grain of salt, but I've heard that when the Bible is interpreted into some African languages, the text gets lost in translation if you will, and a lot of it reads totally different than what the English speaking nations read. An example of this would be that after translation it condemns homosexuality so much harsher than an English Bible would. This would be because the Bibles translated into some African languages have been translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic to Greek to English or even another western language to an African language instead of it being a direct translation from Hebrew and Aramaic which would be extremely difficult, yet possible I'm sure. A lot of missionaries probably don't know what's in these translated Bibles that they're handing out. Not to defend every missionary. I'm sure there are some who would teach extreme punishment for homosexuality. 

We cannot write these people off & just call them names.  They are misguided & misinformed & mis-educated.  They have been fed lies by Western Evangelical Christian organizations for the most part & sometimes Muslim fundamentalists.  They have been brainwashed by religious zealots for decades to the point that they can't see reason.

The conversation needs to change.  I strongly believe that these people can only begin to re-think their misplaced ideals, if they are encouraged to by Church & religious leaders with a more progressive attitude.  Religion has created this & religious leaders need to take a stand in support of equal human rights for all people.

Write to The White House, John Kerry, The UN, The Pope, Bill Gates, Oprah!!  Anyone that might have some influence to assist in changing people's attitudes.

These stories of global LGBT victimization & discrimination need to be shared.  We need to bring light to these atrocities & encourage people to stand up in defense of LGBT people everywhere.

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