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U.K. Show Featuring Gay Couple Having Sex On TV Debuts

One of our most popular stories of September was an announcement of Sex Box, a new show in the fall lineup for the U.K.'s Channel 4 that promised couples having sex in front of a studio audience (though the action would happen inside a box ... or a dressing room, as you'll read about below) while sexologists and experts discuss sex during and after the act. 

Well, with plenty of global anticipation, Sex Box premiered on Monday night. As promised, a gay couple, Matt and John, were one of the first couples to have sex on the show and discuss it immediately after. 

The Guardian went behind-the-scenes by interviewing the couples following the show's debut:

For Matt and John, there were other technical hitches. It turns out the box has another door not visible to studio or TV audience. "The funny thing is, you see us going into the box," says John. "Then, because of union rules, everyone can only work so many hours without a break. So we came straight out the back door and went to our dressing room. We were able to go for a shower and everything, and at least start some foreplay before going back in."

Putting people in a box to have sex, and then asking them to wait until the crew has had its tea, sums up all that is wrong with this show. What did any of the participants think they were going to achieve?

John and Matt are both chefs, and John didn't come out until 2007, in his mid-30s, "because I lived at work". He felt he had no choice but to be honest with his colleagues. He and Matt live together but, says John, "Our private life isn't exactly private. You can't really do anything. You can't have anything delivered without them knowing – oh, another parcel for the gay couple upstairs. We were hoping to put a few facts right, that not all gay men wear dresses." Matt's reasons are similar. "We're both gay but we're not really in a gay community as such. We don't have loads of gay friends. We thought just by being part of the conversation , we're doing our bit to show what it's like."

What do you think of Sex Box?



Money or the Box?

I'd much rather have sex in real life than watch this pointless show.

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