U.K.: Toys "R" Us Announces Its Labels Will No Longer Specify Toys As For Boys Or Girls

Societal evolution that has fostered parental support and appreciation for gender neutral toys has prompted Toys "R" Us (at least the U.K. branch of the toy retailer, so far) to end the industry-standard practice of specifying that toys are either for girls or boys, with no overlap. Going against the grain, gender neutral terms and imagery will be used by the retailer, beginning with its 2013 Christmas catalog.

An online petition from Let Toys Be Toys—which was partly responsible for the U.K. chain's new policy—has also launched in the U.S. to demand the same gender neutrality from Toys "R" Us across the pond. The U.S. petition has accumulated more than 3,000 signatures so far, but the stateside arm of the retailer has yet to announce any updates to policy. 

Think the U.S. will follow the U.K. Toys "R" Us' lead?

(Source: EdgeOnTheNet)