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UK Undercover Documentary 'Hunted' Captures Russian Anti-Gay Group Abducting Gay Men

This is insane.

UK's Channel 4 launched an undercover investigation into Russia's anti-gay vigilante group Occupy Pedophilia. 

The documentary, Hunted, captures members of Occupy Pedophilia on video in the act of planning attacks on the Russian LGBT community and captures the actual abductions and torture of Russian gay men.

Check out these clips from Hunted:

You can view Hunted in full, here.

With this kind of video footage, how can there not be more arrests in Russia? Can authorities really continue to turn a blind eyes as gay citizens are being actively tortured?

Thanks to Instinct reader Brent for bringing Hunted to our attention and a hat tip to The Gaily Grind for the clips! 


This rusians "mens" are the realy gays... or you telling me its manly to attack a single person with at least 2 and beat the shit out of him?? Poor guys... 

these people are not doing there job right!!!! they're FAR MORE WORSE, than the guy they are trying to capture...they should be stopped. Every person has their own reasons for doing things that they do.

I am thoroughly sickened by this. I cannot believe these people are allowed to torture, abuse, assault and battery their intended victims. They should hope their is mercy in HELL, because what they do here, they will endure in hell i believe. The russian people should be ashamed of themselves. It is never ok to hurt and torture anyone for any reason PERIOD!  I cannot believe or LGBT brothers and sisters are being put through this. I think its high time the world start ACTing UP, condemn these acts, people, officials, and police, and do what we can to support our "Family" members in russia. Why are we not imposing serious and severe economic sanctions on russia for this kind of behavior toward other human beings...Where are our own politicians? Drastic measures I believe must be taken against russia in the form of social and economical means.

These are bloody neo-nazi's and the world does nothing !! Do they want to see camps built before they start making a move ?? The time to act isn't now ?! It was a thousand days before yesterday !! USE YOUR FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, etc. and stand up for your rights ... because their rights are your rights ... They are human rights !!

Europe need to dissociate with Russia full stop


Fascist scum. I bet there are gay and bi in this disgusting group. Usually those doing most damage and attacks in the hope they don't get found out. Governments around the world need to stand up to Putin and denounce his inactions. Boycott Sochi and dealings with Russia until they join civilisation.

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