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UK's 'Sex Box' Series Coming To U.S. Television??

Remember back in September when we introduced you to the British television show, Sex Box??

C'mon,  you remember. Couples (gay and straight on the UK version) go into a box and have sex...and then they come out and talk about it iwith a panel of experts. (Naturally, Dan Savage was part of the panel of sex experts.)

Well it looks like Sex Box may be headed to the United States! 

Vulture writes:

According to the UK's Broadcast, Relativity Media has bought the rights to the show, which premiered as a one-off special in England this past fall. The show asks couples to go into the "sex box" (a.k.a. "a room"), have whatever sort of sex they like to have, and then come out onstage and talk candidly to a panel of sex experts about what they just did.

From what we've seen and heard, the series is pretty tame, despite the salacious conceit behind it. 

Couples having sex in a muffled opaque box? It's probably not for everybody, but whatever tickles your pickle, guys!

Here's the UK special in case you'd like to judge for yourselves.


(H/T: NNNext)



I truly think this is a great show and could learn from it. I also feel once it arrives in the US it will come americanized and very dramatic, unreal if i may.


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