"Ultimate Gay Fighter" Delayed As Developer Defends Video Game's Stereotypes

Michael Patrick, the 33-year old openly gay graphic designer behind Ultimate Gay Fighter, doesn't quite understand the criticisms the yet-to-be released mobile video game has received. 

"I didn't want it to be taken seriously, but people are taking it very seriously," Patrick told Motherboard. 

The game (which we posted about here and here) is basically a "Pride Parade but in a boxing match," like Street Fighter meets White Party. But its comical use of over-the-top stereotypes across the board has provided quite the blowback for a game that was slated for release in January. There's the gym-rat blond circuit boy who kills enemies by trapping them in tanning salons; Sappho Etheridge attacks opponents with a wrench before scissoring them to death; the fashionista who yells "Fierce!" before slicing his competitors with a razor sharp purse; and, of course, the profusion of rainbows and unicorns that bleed forth from losing players' lifeless bodies. 

None of which seems too out of place for cartoon video game characters and storylines, to be frank. Still, the criticisms have poured in and the masses have nothing but a handful of trailers to go on when gaging the taste level of Ultimate Gay Fighter. As conversations have erupted across the Internet, Patrick insists that the game "is not meant to be hateful." He goes on to tell Motherboard that it even seems to have brought together two groups that usually can't find middle ground. 

“One thinks it's terrible for the LGBT community because of all these negative stereotypes," he said. "And the other is like: You fucking faggots!”

But the controversy swirling the game seems to have helped Patrick land a deal with established gamemakers Bearded Man Studios, which has announced it will "release a bigger and better Ultimate Gay Fighter very soon." Maybe we won't have to wait much longer before getting our thumbs in the action and deciding just how offended we all are about the use of stereotypes we enjoy in every other medium, but have yet to really test in the gaming world. 



(Via Motherboard)



This looks HILARIOUS!!! Please let it get developed, with similar graphics to street fighter... all the hating can stop - we've started taking ourselves too seriously again, so right-wing society need not tear us apart - we're doing it all by ourselves...

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