Underwear Clad 'Big Brother Canada' Stud, Kenny Brain, Returns!

​You all proved to be big fans of Big Brother Canada's bearded and nearly naked gay participant Kenny Brain the last time we featured him here on Instinct!

So, with that in mind, we figured we'd give you these new underwear clad clips of the hirsute stud--just consider them an aid as you battle your case of the Mondays!

The clips come courtesy of Menof BigBrotherCanada YouTube channel:


(H/T: NNNext)



He's fucking hot!! I LOVE the beard and Id crawl right up there between his legs and ...well....He's hot!!

And.....I'm in love.

3:10 - 3:27 (first video) Him picking his nose and wiping his finger with the sheets. GROSS.

Nice bod but that beard is seriously gross. I wouldnt touch that with someone elses :-s

A bearded man with a hot body wearing briefs.... woof. woof.

God, he looks so tired.

Other than his beard and tats...what makes him "look" any different.

You're an ignorant asshole.

He's HOT.  Thank God he doesn't look like the typical underweight twink who needs a few fries to look even like 1/2 a man!

ridiculous bearded douchebag

Yuck, he is so unattractive. BB you can do much better than that. 

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