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Underwear Model Alex Minsky Talks To The Ladies Of 'The View'

Though Barbara nearly came out of menopause and both Sherri and Jenny's tongues unfurled like a Looney Tunes cartoon at sight of Alex Minsky, the three of them certainly held it together better than we would've within that proximity. 

We've gotten to known many sides of Alex, but today's segment on The View helped us get to know yet another. Watch below. 




Thank you, Alex, and all others who serve.  Thanks also for the inspiration you have become to so many!

I supported Alex for the longest time, even before he was famous. I am a disabled Veteran and cancer survivor and he has always knew I was gay but for some reason now that he is famous things have changed. I was disheartened when I stopped hearing from him and later found out he had deleted me as one of his friends on Facebook. Sad. 

He was a marine, isn't that one of those elite gay military groups?

Susan, all straight men, cute or not, always think gay men are hitting on them, even when we say, "excuse me" to get past them.

I've been a bit put off by this Minsky fellow ever since I read him saying that when the photographer to whom he owes his success approached him at the gym Minsky "thought it was just another gay guy trying to hit on me." I get that he's attractive but that smacked of arrogance and condescension of gay guys for me.

He is so beautiful. Not just physically but spiritually and emotionally he is. He is willing to go there and talk to people about his life and modeling. He is amazing I love Alex Minsky.

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