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Underwear Model Colby Melvin Launches Fundraiser For His Fashion Line

His many fans may prefer as their Colby Melvin with as little clothing as possible, but the underwear model and sweet-hearted LGBT activist is appealing to his fanbase for the opposite. Colby has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Colby Melvin Fashion Line (which he premieres with the cute video you'll find below).

"My clothes are meant to empower anyone who wears them," Colby writes. "I am an unapologetic nerd at heart and like to think of my clothes as giving people super powers. The clothes will look great on you, but more importantly they will make you feel great about yourself. Items I make include shirts, hoodies, tank tops, shorts, running pants, and (my favorite) onesies. I like fun textures, nontraditional materials, prints, and bright colors. My biggest inspirations are the 90's, haute bohème, Peter Pan, and my friends. Similar brands include: Topman, Slick it Up, and Zara."




Article writing is very good, will continue to focus on.

Colby I can't wait to see your clothing line. I will most definitely buy some. Good luck good friend.

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