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Universal Studios Hollywood Defends Homophobic Halloween Horror Show

Last week we broke down the homophobic stage shows coming out of Universal Studios Hollywood (and Knott's Scary Farm) and now a Universal spokesperson is speaking out in defense of the production. (Pictured above you see Universal's suddenly gay --and suddenly mincing, promiscuous and apparently useless Superman.)

Pink News reports:

Universal spokeswoman, Audrey Eig has responded saying the content is specifically designed to lampoon “all areas” of our culture.

She said: “[Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure] appears during ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ in limited run and is specifically intended to be shocking and satirical in tone, focusing on adult themes.

“The show lampoons across all areas of our culture and it was not our intention to offend or upset anyone.

“We know there are a range of opinions on this issue and we will respect them as we consistently review and refine the show’s content.”

Well, that's clearly not an apology or any sort of promise to do better.

What do you think of Universal's explanation, Instincters?


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Get over it the shows have been canceled why beat a dead horse .. I just wanna know was it funny ?  in this day and age are we becoming so sensitive that we are losing all sense of camp, pomp, satire and whimsy of contemporary gay life ... sometimes it will do us all good to take a deep breath and think back to what life was like in the late sixties and early seventies and even into the eighties ?  Our humor and ability to turn our pain into a story or a song to capture the imagination is what made us what we are...   

All remaining shows have been cancelled.

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