University Introduces LGBT/Gender Inclusive Housing

Lawrence Journal-World reports that the University of Kansas is introducing gender inclusive housing to students.

From LJ-World:

The University of Kansas has designated a full residence hall wing as “gender inclusive housing” for the upcoming school year, and there’s already a waiting list to live there.

“It tells me we’re hitting a need,” KU Student Housing director Diana Robertson said of the allocated rooms being filled.

The goal is supporting LGBTQ students and ensuring they feel comfortable and connected at KU, Robertson said.

The wing, titled the Gender Inclusive Housing Community, welcomes students who are “in the process of discovering their gender identity” or who might not want to identify themselves by any gender, according to KU Student Housing. Students will be assigned roommates regardless of sex, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Do you see the advantages of gender inclusive housing and housing designated for the LGBT community?

Here's a video report from KCTV:


(H/T: NNNext)