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Unsuspecting New Yorkers Horrified By Demonic Baby Prank From 'Devil's Due' Team!

The latest in the line of Hollywood film marketing pranks to hit New York comes courtesy of the marketing team behind upcoming horror flick Devil's Due. Lured in by a suspiciously abandoned stroller and a baby's cries, unsuspecting New Yorkers get the jolt of their life when they realize the little ankle biter is demonic in nature. 

You may recall that the clever marketing team behind Carrie attempted to fill Lennox Hill with cardiac arrest patients after frightening up a cafe. The move cemented viral prank videos as the go-to promotional strategy in the horror genre (not that we're complaining). 

So, Instincters, how'd you react if you were lucky enough to meet this devilish baby on your morning stroll?


This "demon baby in a buggy" should be made available to the public for purchase!  I would actually like one that also does the "F*ck Me Jesus, Fuck Me" line from The Exorcist.  Rosemary's baby was a freaking Olsen Twin compared to this little dude!!!

Babies are no more precious than us adults. I am sooo sick of all the fuss over these praycious lil ayngels!!!!!!!! If i am on a sinking ship I will save myself before those little terds floating in the ocean!

you should have stayed in school beyond grade may have learned how to spell correctly.....WANKER!

That is hilarious!  The funniest laugh I've had in ages!  I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!  AND, the plan works as I've not heard of the movie but now plan to go see it!

Great job!

Hey, is that Carrie Underwood and Jeff Daniels making cameos at 1:28?

I noticed that too!

wa a pissa funny as hell

That was amazing!

That is funny.

Please direct a film and we'll be the judge of it. :D

Well I just didn't see anything funny about this.  I think the movie industry just goes to far in their ads.  If they made half way decent movies none of this garbage would be needed.

Oh get over your politcally correct self already and lighten up!


WAAAAAH.  I have no sense of humor.  Get over it.

Take it to the high schools and cut back on teenage pregnancy!!

I hate babies. So,i never go anywhere near it even if its in the middle of freeway. Animals I gave my life f oi r them gladly. Beside all babies look just as scary anyways.

Persephone, You Go Girl!  I am in total agreement with You, and these two bitches just need to STFU.

Babies are awful.  They ruin every single public activity from dining out to flying.  The old saying that "Children should be seen and not heard, and babies kept away until their third" is so true.  Crying, screaming little brats need to be kept away from the public until their third birthday, at least!  (Personally I would prefer not to see or hear from them until post-puberty!!!)

You were once a baby too so someone probably hated you too. To bad you weren't on a highway and no one saved you then this world would not be full of hateful people like you.


thank the good earth I do not believe in devils or corporate advertising.... oh wait - same thing. LOL

The marketing ploy relies on human being’s general good nature to help what appears to be a whimpering abandoned child only to find that they have been duped into witnessing a horror show that can never be unseen. Nevertheless some have wondered if the gorilla marketing campaign has gone too far....

I can never un-see what the local/national news airs each and every night...and that s*&t is REAL!


Anyone remember the horror movie "Its Alive!" from the late '70s early '80s? Sounds exactly like a soundbite from that movie.Please let me know if I'm right.--thanks.

LOL!!! Totally!



Loved it

Oh my gracious! This is hilarious! It reminds me of some real babies I've encountered in my lifetime, only politer! I laughed and laughed at this, to the point of tearing up over the delicious humor of it! Wonderful!

... I thought nothing shocked the city of insanity. Well played. Great advertisement.

This is hysterical! Loved it!! LOL

HAHAHA i love it! wish i was in person for it!

Awesome! :)

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