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UPDATE: ESPN Responds To Backlash Over Michael Sam Showering Report

Updated Wednesday, 9:23 a.m. PST

ESPN has expressed regret for their report which highlighted openly gay St. Louis Rams player Michael Sam's showering habits with respect to his other teammates. 

ESPN's Josk Krulewitz tweets:

On Tuesday's Michael Sam report: "ESPN regrets the manner in which we presented our report. Clearly yesterday we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports."

Sam's Rams teammate Chris Long also tweeted following the report:

Thoughts, Instincters?

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​Original Post

Because we're certain every rookie NFL player is having their showering habits tracked by sports media...

Michael Sam's showering schedule and which teammates he'd had the privilege of showering with was the subject of ESPN's SportsCenter report, initially framed as a discussion of "how Michael Sam is fitting in with his teammates." 

Naturally, how well Sam is fitting in is based on how comfortable or uncomfortable he's making his teammates in the shower. Watch!

From The Raw Story:

Reporter Josina Anderson explained that one player told her that Sam was “simply just one of the guys, and he seems to be taking a rookie approach in terms of just listening and learning at his own pace.”

“[The player] said he was just trying to feel his way through and, perhaps, see what guys he can relate to,” she continued. “But another Rams defensive player told me — quote — ‘Sam is respecting our space.’”

“And that from his perspective, he seems to think that Michael Sam is waiting to kind of take a shower, as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable,” Anderson said.

The ESPN correspondent added that two other players said that they could not verify the shower report because “they weren’t tracking that.”

“[Defensive tackle Kendall Langford] told me, ‘Listen, I have not been in the shower at the same time as Michael Sam.’ He said there definitely could be a million reasons as to why that is,” Anderson asserted. “He said he could be doing extra work on the practice field, he could be riding his bike, he could be doing extra cardio.”


Thoughts on ESPN's report, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Man for get that gay boy I'm happy I don't roll with the Rams and the hats I got I don't want them no more I'm not putting a gay team on my head

Amen Bro!


ALL Queers should be BANNED from professional sports!!

If all the "queers" were banned from professional sports there would be no one left to play you idiot. You *do* know this is a gay web page and yet you came here anyway so don't be pointin' fingers, cowboy.... somebody might be telling your deep dark secrets ;-)

Wow man, you're not that far from being gay yourself if all it would take is a hat on your head with only one out team member on the team! I'd quit telling folks that if I were straight ;-)

"I Dream Of A Gay-Free Society"......A poem

Dear Lord, I dream and pray each day for a gay free society.

Men would be with women and all women with men, they way you intended, the way it should be.

Sometimes I think the world is truly coming apart at the seams.

Sexual deviants of all types are becoming the norm...from angry heteros all you can hear are agony and screams!

Why?  Because we KNOW that the Lord will refuse to take much more of this madness.

I dream of a day when he comes to take away all of our sorry and sadness.

The gay creatures have really become quite the scourge.

We must destroy them all, this world we truly must purge.

Quit with the fake Christian bullcrap. Everyone knows Jesus said nothing against gay people. You're just using God's name in vain to justify your bitter hatred and violating the Ten Commandments wishing death on a whole group of people. Stop obsessing about gays and quit thinking about sex when you hear about them before people start believing you are gay yourself! There's a lot to be said about Homophobes like you- doctors tell us you people are secretly homosexual yourself and only hate on gays to hide that fact- I believe that because it is TRUE!

Here's the beauty:  no one knows who the hell is what or will REMAIN something.  Trust me.  You run around being 5'10" & 120lbs & marrying a guy with plans for politics who then, after you deliver 2 kids in a hetero marriage, shares his preference for men.  No worries.  That is not even the reason I divorced him.  If he hadn't been violent, there would have been a different outcome.  Obviously.  Violence is out.

There are so many characteristics of any individual that are SO much more important, not just confined to the subject of potential marriage prospects but as human beings who are worthy.  Worthy to live in peace & with a right to happiness.  The end.

ESPN you should feel good about whatever you write about these sick individuals. This world is Fu*ked up as it is and now a professional athlete has to worry about his azz being watched after a hard game. I remember being in the locker room trying to figure out who was gay and might be trying to watch, now you know who the sick fu*ker is.

Wow! Your manhood is so weak it can't even stand up to scrutiny by men who even appreciate what dude's look like in the raw? Dude, that sure speaks volumes about you- I'd wait till the men finish in the locker room if I were you- that way you won't stumble trying to hide your peanut ;-) lol!!

Please tell me where to send my resume for an editorial position on ESPN.

Michael Sam is the first gay player in the NFL?  Are you serious?

Furthermore, what this has to do with his game escapes me.  He is very cool & looks out over the room as these stupid freakin questions keep coming.  If I were Sam, I would have a gigantic party, invite a lot of people & play this video on the biggest flat screen TVs they make, in every room.  His sexuality affects nothing that concerns anyone outside his immediate circle & you can see him listening to these questioins & wondering why he was born physically gifted AND infinitely more intelligent than these 'journalists.'

So what if he guy that didn't mean he won't to fool with some one on his team .He problems has his on friend Leave the man a lone .and let him play ball .If they don't won't to shower with him o well .

Showering with him?  Where do I sign up?

Illiterate ass... learn to write complete effective sentences. Please and thank you.

I agree. You were a bit harsh. But it was very hard to read and understand. Lol

What is your reason for stopping by here & posting?  You couldn't fall asleep without critiquing someone's command of grammar?  Which reminds me:  should be a comma after 'complete.'  Fat head.

Us gay guys are used to seeing naked men. We are regular guys just like any straight guy and capable of subduing our innate response to people we may or may not be attracted to. Besides, teammates are more like brothers... not sex objects (unless you are a downlow closeted homophobe)

No buddy your not like regular men. Regular men like women, you sick Fu*ks like other men. Something in your heads are loose. Its proven that your sick individuals, so whats that again about you not looking at your (male) teammates azz in the shower?

Hey Robert! You decided to cruise this online gay related magazine so did you think you'd not find gay dudes here? Or is that what you came for? Sorry no pics of hot men having sex- it's not that kind of place but I can point you to some sites with pictures that would make a man out of you. A REAL one ;-)

Hey dude, I'm interested in the sexuality of other men because I am gay. What is YOUR excuse, cowboy? Like to obsess over gays much? Your masculinity that fragile, sport?

Just further proves that straight men are just as interested in gay men as I am. I definitely notice the daily shower patterns of hot guys. 

ESPN you have become worthless!

Don't look at my pee pee and DO NOT peek at my bum bum!

ESPN regrets it obsessed on gays showering today, Madame.
ESPN regrets it obsessed on gays showering today
And they're sorry they went Cray Cray
For two days ago their newscast went astray, Madame.
ESPN regrets it obsessed on gays showering today.

Nice one.

I volunteer to go under cover for ESPN. I'll be the guy handing out towels! 

Didn't a study just get published that reveals that it's mostly STRAIGHT men who look at other guys in the locker room?

Sure did and it is true! Locker rooms, public bathrooms and anywhere men are around other men naked I get leered at by waaay more supposedly str8 men than gays. I can't figure out if it is because they want gay sex or if they are just worried about us gay dudes having bigger man parts than themselves! LOL

YAWN !   not just this story.......but YAWN...ESPN.......they blather so 'convincingly.'  

What's up with the hating on Instinct - Instinct is just reporting what ESPN did in talking about Michael Sam - of course, we have to call out ESPN so that they do not do this in the future.

I have to disagree on this one.  Why not report on basketball players who are gay?  How about baseball?  Not easy to dig up players who may prefer to be on the DL but on the other hand: why is this a topic for reporting, to begin with??

A guy says that he is gay: perhaps a young person considering suicide takes heart.  But what does it have to do with his job?  His work?  Why are there more questions about his sexual choices than his job?

I honestly don't get it.  Good luck to you Mr Sam, you have some serious spine.

this is outrageous in every aspect!  are you serious!!  is ESPN that homophobic!  I really dont think the team is worried about him!  what do they think he will do some outrageous act or have sexual thoughts about them?>..not!  and why did ESPN think that this was something that needed to be reported?...Lets drop the soap and see what happens?....WOW!  really?.....

What they didn't report was the update to the article :UPDATE II: On Wednesday morning, ESPN released the following statement. "ESPN regrets the manner in which we presented our report. Clearly yesterday we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports."

You know, I don't care about 'the update to the article.  Evidently, people were insulted & made it clear to ESPN, who responded in typical, gutless network fashion.  You start all this nonsense & then bail.  You have NO  'standards set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports' because there is no such thing.  I couldn't care less about this gentleman's sexual proclivities or those of women's soccer & basketball or those of the people I watch from my windows, running around the pond every day.  Or those in line behind me at the market.  Or those next to me in church.  

I am trying to decipher how his showering habits became a hot topic or how it affects him playing. Am I missing something here?

I dont understand why people think looking is touching ???
Looking is looking.
Touching is touching
Looking is NOT touching !


This is so damn ridiculous. No one will even bat an eye, literally if they are professionals. They are there to do a job, and after they've worked hard, they take a shower. All gay men are not staring at straight guys all day long. It's just so damn stupid. He's not known as being promiscuous or making any of his college teammates feel uncomfortable, why would he do it in the pros. I just want to scream!!!

I am gay being transgendered male to female, but in high school, I was always late to the shower, just because I was just late. Not because I was ashamed of who I was, nor did any of my class mates have a problem with me, That was back in the 60's when it was very taboo to be gay back then to many.

I hope that you are happier & happier every single day, Donna.  As I understand it, some people who are transgender are gay & some are not.  That is the extent of my knowledge because I have not made a study of it because I don't care.  With all due respect and appreciating your contributions to this discussion, in the 60s I was in a Catholic all-girls school in Boston.  See?  Things can always be worse.  mwah

Ok I'm confused...

All these people saying "shame on your for this" and "this isn't fucking news..." my question is, who are you shaming? Instinct or ESPN?

Instinct is bringing it to our attention that ESPN is reporting on this. ESPN shouldn't be, but they are and Instinct and allowing us to express how we feel that the first openly gay NFL player is being subjected to this level of scrutiny. I feel we should know this...becuase it's an indication of the times.

To those of you shaming Instinct...why don't you just stop following them on Facebook? Then you won't get these "fluff pieces" and "fucking bullshit"...

...or go fuck yourselves...pick one. You want "real" news? Try FOX...I'm sure you'll find something there more entertaining...

This is a total fluff piece and you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves for reporting this bullshit. Jesus Fucking Christ what is WRONG with you?

Jesus Fucking Christ what is WRONG with YOU? Quit acting like a little bitch and stop whining you wanker

Your report of this report is not newsworthy. I would like to see a story on just how quickly news reporting is going downhill - the articles just keep on coming and it's not just an Instinct problem.

Playing into the Gay Panic mentality. I'm very happy that his teammates seem to be more enlightened than the reporters...

I get what you are saying about the 'gay panic mentality' and agree. Gay panic was an invention by a homophobic defense attorney to rationalize violence by an extremely homophobic client and is nothing more than an excuse for being a criminal. I don;t buy it. Own up to your actions and stop whining about some weak BS excuse about gay panic- it is not worthy of men who are mature. It is inadmissible in most jurisdictions and even being banned in California because it it not supported with science and there is no proof. It is a cop out.

Who really cares?...Oh that's right.....the straight ESPN male viewers......give me a @ucking break

Forgive me but have I missed something?

Now how would it go over if this were a report on how a black player were fitting in with a team of white players? I think that reporter should have been way more sensitive to just what kind of bigotry she was mindlessly participating in!

Isn't that what this is?  

How many times...what kind of soap...does he clip his nails (ewwwe) before or after it a "gang bang" shower...what color is his towel? These are the hard-hitting questions that demand coverage from not only ESPN but all the other media outlets as well!

Shame on you for even reporting on this. There's no need for it.

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