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UPDATE: 'Father Of The Bride' Sequel To Focus On Gay Wedding?

Updated Wednesday, 3 p.m. est:

Well, at least one of the rumors about Father of the Bride 3 that former Deadline editor Nikki Fenke reported seems untrue: Steve Martin has tweeted that he hasn't been offered a role yet. 

No word on Nikki's main claim regarding the storyline for the much-anticipated rom-com sequel. 

The Father of the Bride franchise has been modernized every time it returns to the big screen. The long-awaited third installment of the modern series will be no different, according to reports out of Hollywood. 

A script that includes a promise of Steve Martin's return allegedly focuses on Matty, who is now 29, gay and about to marry the son of a Navy SEAL. George (Steve Martin) is apparently "thunderstruck and speechless" about the wedding, which gets him kicked out of the house by Nina (Diane Keaton). George eventually has a come to Jesus moment just in time for the wedding. 

"It’s a timely idea," a source told Nikki Finke. "I told Charles I just hope it goes forward before gay stops trending."

While Nikki's source wastes times worrying about a world in which gays are no longer cool, I'm worried about another highly anticipated dramatic sequel making a gaudy stereotypical embarrassment of same-sex weddings. Sex and the City 2, anyone?


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There are over 44,000,000 mentions of this possible sequel in Search.   Lots of "buzz" for a project that doesn't even exist.   Disney might want to reconsider the possibilities.   I would pay to see another sequel if the script was good.

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I'm there, if Steve Martin is there. Otherwise, fuggedaboutit!

Supposedly Steve Martin is not interested. The sequel was not that great and this could just be tiring. I'm not saying a gay wedding movie is a bad idea, but in this series I think it would not work.

Steve Martin's energy is not what it used to be.   I think that he is getting tired of acting.  

Regarding the movie, personally, I think that a sequel with the plot points described could be VERY funny!   Imagine Steve trying to assist Franck in ordering a cake from a homophobic baker.....or getting a cranky clerk at the courthouse to issue the license.   Lots of opportunity for slapstick stuff there.

Father of the Groom. Believe it or not, the idea popped into my head a few months ago, and I thought, why isn't Hollywood jumping on it? Well, well...

Perfect idea!!

With Martin and Keeton it will be great. Sex and City 2 was awful. But not this franchise. Cant wait. Last big gay wedding was on Modern Family and I would like to have seen more of the family in that episode compared to the waste of screen time with all the inlaw subplots (cams parents for instance).

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