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UPDATE: Rosie O'Donnell Seals Deal To Rejoin 'The View'

​Updated Wednesday at 8:55 a.m. 

TMZ is reporting that Rosie O'Donnell's deal is sealed and she's officially headed back to The View!

The deal is now complete. Rosie will join Whoopi Goldberg on the show.  As we reported, producers are also looking for a Latina and a conservative. Two conservative candidates who are being scoped are Abby Huntsman and Margaret Hoover.

Excited to have Rosie back?


Original Post

We certainly hope this is true!! 

With the confirmed exits of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, plus the retirement of Barbara Walters this spring, daytime chat fest The View has quite a few seats to fill. 

And it looks like one of those seats may be filled by former moderator of The View, Rosie O'Donnell!

TMZ reports:

Rosie O'Donnell is currently in "active negotiations" with "The View" to come back to the program ... sources in connection with Rosie and the production tell TMZ.

We're told Rosie's people are discussing money and other terms with execs from the beleaguered show. She's definitely interested in coming back if the money is right, and we're told the negotiations are far along.

We're told the deal could be sealed shortly and the announcement could be made as early as tomorrow.

We love Rosie and she's just the kick in the pants that this show needs! Plus, we'd love to see her on a daily basis with Whoopi!!

What about you, Instincters? Do you want to see Rosie back on The View?

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Well there has been rumours of Sarah Palin joining them. Iffy hat happens I'll never watch again. Ever!

I can't wait to see Rosie again! Never boring, intelligent and fun! So happy someone at The View appreciats her Talents! And for all of the childish remarks on here..... Get a Life..and don't watch....cheat yourselves! Linda

Can't wait I will start watching again she speaks her mind but we know were we stand with her , just have fun watching the show and welcome who ever joins them there on the show to make a difference if they were all the same the show would be dull 

show really sucke After rosie left  Did not watch because never liked Elizabeth all that Whining all the time was So happy when she left

I agree..never cared for Elizabeth. She was whiny and very uppity about herself lol

The show will get good ratings at the beginning due to all the hype of bringing Rose back.  She was good when she had her own show back in the early 90s, but then she turned so mean.  She really gives gays a bad name, in my opinion.  I think the show is on its last leg.  This seems like a desperate last attempt to bring viewers back.  If Rosie is the nice person from the 90s, I'd think about watching.  If it's the mean-spirited Rosie from the last time she was a regular on this show, no, I'd not be interested.

I couldn't have said it better.

Love that Rosie is backLove that Whoopi is stayingI'll

be watching, that's for sure!

So happy to have her back!

I'm so happy I'm grinning from ear to ear.  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rosie.  I couldn't be happier that she is back.  She and Whoopi will make a great pair. Both are professionals and neither will step on each others feet, besides their both comedians and have things in common.  It's going to be a GREAT show with those two, however I wish they had kept Jenny McCarthy.  I don't think she was given a fair chance after just one year.  It was hard for her to get a word in edgewise with Sheri blabbing all the time, and "hogging" the conversation.  WELCOME Rosie!  And big thank you to Barbara or whoever put this together.  Thank you, thank you.  I really appreciate it.


J. Hunt, Madison WI

I can't wait, stopped watching when Rosie left.  I am ready to book my flight to NYC as soon as tickets are available for The View.  Maybe add Bethenney Frankel if they would let her truly speak her mind. 

Stopped watching when Rosie left !  I will start watching again!!   The show will rock again if Rosie is back!!   

Will watch now. Love Rosie

I have NEVER liked the, I have even a bigger (fatter)and uglier reason never to watch that stupid show. Best thing that could happen is Fat O'Donnell has massive coronary on the show.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Very immature of you to focus on her weight. If you don't like the show then don't watch it.

What a terrible thing to say...

I can't believe how ignorant you are I hope you are not a grown man.  I guess you have never heard of karma!

I hope you are having one today!

She lost 50lbs and is slim now!

Some people are just classy, your mama must be damn proud!

Awesome!!!  A table of all female comedians ... Also Margaret Cho and maybe Roseanne Barr or bring Joy Bahar back!!!  THAT would be a great show   ;)

I also left when Rosie did! Will be watching again!

I am happy to see Rosie back, I stopped watching it when she left.  I will watch again.  It should be interesting with her and Whoopi. 

Look out ... the View will be her!!!

I love her and hope she does whatever will make her happiest The View or some other show.

I think rosie is opinionated which scares alot of people especially the republicans. They love to take her words out of context and decimate her in the public eye. Saddest part is the propaganda works. One of the biggest controversies about her that i have been hearing about i did research and listen to everything that was said. It was taken out of context as usual. I believe bring rosie back and add margaret cho. i have been saying that for years and i think the View will be good again.

Yes! Her post Columbine interview w NRA enthusiast Tom Selleck really got me fired up. OwN's loss is ABC's faun. Good luck Rosie!!

i find it funny to the people that post comments about negativity and then sign (anonymous) bunch cowardly people......BRING ROSIE BACK!!!and to all the haters. get a life .lifes to short to be this un-happy......

I love Rosie!! Bring her back!!

Negotiations?? LMAO!!

Offer her anything and she will take it!

Rosie is an unemployed, worthless, fat ass that nobody cares to see.

Oops!! I think you have mistakenly projected facts about yourself, not Rosie. Gotta control your subconscious spill outs!

Rosie was great for The View and it died when she left. She has lost lots of weight and looks great. So glad to be rid if Elizabeth and now Sherrie
Don't mind Jenny. How about Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond? She might be great.

Anonymous, huh? Coward hiding behind ur computer!! Must be a hasselback fan! I love Rosie and now I will watch The View again!

No better way for the show to jump the shark.  A good reason to never watch that show again.

A great reason to turn the DVR back on for the 11am showing! 

Omg Rosie hell yea  bring on Margaret Cho ,Roseann Barr and it would blow up day time T V  .It would be bringing home that day time Emmy i tell you wish i could write the head person about this

that would be an awesome cast

Yes bring Rosie back. I loved listening to her opinions. 

Bring Rosie Back to Daytime. She can save The View from extinction 

I went to the view aNd saw rosie. She is great she was the only one that talked tO the audience

I loved Rosie on the View! Yes bring her back on board with Whoopi, a winning team!

I was really upset when Rosie left..I had never been a Elizabeth Hasselbeck fan n thought Rosie was treated poorly.  I will watch daily if Rosie gets to come back on..I luv what she add to this show!!  She will fit right in with Whoopie...please add her back!!

I love Rosie, and the show hasn't been the same since she left.   Hope she does come back.

Rosie & Whoopi?  A big yes!  Get Ross Matthews in there too and it will be a great show to watch again!

No Men. How about Patricia Heaton?

I would start watching the view daily like I used to when she was her

Are you kidding me - I am in.  I love Rosie laugh

the show fucking sucks. Rosie stay away!

Don't do it. You better channeling your energy to something productive not something mundane like this.

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