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Updated Map: Marriage Equality In The U.S.!

There have been numerous complex rulings regarding same-sex marriage across the U.S. in 2014. As of this week, Oregon and Pennsylvania have become the latest in a long line of victories awarding all of its couples equal access to marriage rights. To help confront the confusion that the web of lawsuits, rulings and legislative victories may have spun, an updated marriage equality map has just been uploaded to Wikipedia, with this handy reference chart:

We're almost there, but we still have some fighting left to do, as apparent by the sea of maroon in the plains and in the South.

(h/t: JMG)


I'm in a blur state. I can't handle this news. Must move to a red state ASAP. 

I don't think marriage is mentioned in the US Constitution at all, is it? Also isn't the issue really civil rights, which, if left up to the states can yield some pretty oppressive realities, right?


Ok gays, so once every state has passed gay marriage will you finally shut up about it already? Or are you going to find something else to bitch about? Enough already! All your crying and whining is giving the rest of the population a headache. Bunch of cry babies. 

And if you really DO want equal rights then go...get on with your lives. Get married, have families, get into debt, have stress, divorce etc. You want to be equals?  Welcome to our know, the REAL world! Just asked for it. 

Then we're going to have to hear your whining about that. Oh joy!

HeteroSapien - We already live in the REAL world. We already have families, get into debt, have stress, etc. What we want is equal protection under the law. It's easy for someone who's never had to ask for these rights to call it whining. So yes. The moment we have all the same rights and protections the rest of the population has we will be more than happy to shut up and live our lives. 

It seems like the only person whining here is you.  Shut up, and take your negativity elsewhere.  It's not wanted here. 

You're a fucking cunt! 

Why is that Joshua? Because it's the truth? Usually people react like that when a nerve has been touched. Moron!


it funny it looks like a presidential race the dark blue is in the mostly democratic states and then you have the maroon states which are mostly republican then the battle states lmao

Dark blue is the most beautiful color.

having a hard time exactly understanding the striped areas on map.

The striped areas mean there as been judicial rulings saying the bans are unconstitutional but there is a stay that is waiting on a higher court to hear an appeal.

thnx, yes, i had awareness that it has to do w 'stays'. but can u say more about the different combinations of colors? that's what i find most complex.

to clarify, i mean the different combinations of striped colors are what i find complex or confusing.

It's just a combination of the colors. 

NV & CO = They recognize Civil Unions (blue), but a law banning gay marriage (red)
ID, UT, TX, OK, AR, KY, OH, MI, and VA = They have a constitutional ban against both marriage and civil unions,or any recognition (dark red), but a judge has ruled these bands unconstitutional, though they are in the appeals process (yellow)
WI = Limited recognition (teal/light blue), but also constitutional ban against marriage and civil unions

thnx. wi sounds complex: lmtd rcgntn + bans!

For the first time In my life I am proud to be a pennsylvanian. EQUALITY 4 ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

This should be a federal law as in Canada not a state law

As much as I want to see other gay couples to marry in all states, like I have, marriage can't be a federal law as the constitution states that marriage goes to the states. People who overlook the constitution can't call themselves American. 

I'm pretty sure the Constitution does not mention marriage at all. Maybe I'm wrong?

Well, in Canada it took a few years to get it all done as well. They fought for it. We'll have to do the same. Nothing worth fighting comes easily, but it's worth the fight. 

welcome to merika

Completely agree with you Mario!

We will absolutely win in the end. I just hope it is all wrapped up within the next few years.

I know it is a slow process, but I feel we have been patient enough!

We deserve our rights and we ill get them :)

I live in Montreal and can't get over the difference of peoples mentality between here and our neighbors from the south.  I even was screamed at on the beach in Hollywood FL by a young lady with her daughter telling me and my boyfriend were indecent because we were wearing Speedo swim suits on the beach. Next trip Key West.  We are in 2014 on both sides of the border. I would love to have some of Florida's weather on this side of it...

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