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Updated With Video: Cafe Featuring Shirtless Guys Pulling Espresso Shots Opens

Updated Thursday with a local news report out of Spokane:


If you'd like your soy caramel latte served with an extra shot of objectification, you may want to head to Spokane, Washington. Hot Cup of Joe opened in the city on Valentine's Day to fulfill an in-demand caffeinated niche: topless male baristas pulling espresso shots.

“This is something the women have been crying out for for a while,” owner Chris Mullins said.

Male customers are welcome, too, but haven't exactly shown up in droves. "Most of the customers that come here anyway are women," he says. "Really I haven’t had a lot of male reaction.” To instill a sense of inclusion in the male customer base, Mullins is offering $1 off the check for any guy that walks through the doors.

Still, it's the Magic Mike-effect he's noticed amongst women that he's shooting for. 

“I’ve been in the adult entertainment industry for a few years, and I have a lot of friends who are bikini baristas,” Mullins said. “Being in this industry I kind of know that women have been screaming for something like this, especially with the recent Hollywood ‘Magic Mike’-type craze. Well, now they have a way to see it in person, plus they can get a great cup of coffee while doing it.”

If bare-chested men or dollar-off coupons aren't enough to get the gays in the coffee shop, perhaps promises of baristas stripped to their "cute, classy" underwear will do the trick. "There’s not going to be any implied nudity," Mullins clarifies, however. 

“What we’re doing is just a classier, sexier Hanes commercial in real life. We’re not going to be able to please everybody,” Mullins added. “There’s a market for everyone and everything out there. If people don’t want to sit here and see some classy guys in classy outfits that just happened to be ripped and hot and making coffees, then they can go get coffee where that’s not going on.” 

(Source: ABC News)




Well I have to admit I have  a thing for Starbucks baristas. I find them adorable, but when I get my coffee it's either early and I'm in a rush or later in the day when I'm tired.So I suppose I'd prefer the shirted variety.  I did watch the video and looked them up on Facebook Quite frankly there was only one I thought was cute (tattoos area turn off for me) and they did seem geared toward the ladies, so as a novelty I might go to "Hot Cup of Joe"once but other than that I'll keep my baristas at Starbucks.

Cant we get one in VA?!

Look out Hooters.....Here's some stiff competition....but please try to keep the chest hair out of my latte....

good, cause i need a bloody job

When is one coming to Roanoke VA?

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