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Upside Down Yoga. Thanks For The Demo Tommy!

Just this week we shared "Yoga Relieves Stress, But Does Some BDSM Fun Work Better? Trading that mat in for some toys?"  For those that are not ready for the BDSM, what about a different type of yoga?How about some Upside Down Yoga?

Our friend Tommy DiDario writes "What do you get when Steve Weatherford, Gio Benitez and I try AntiGravity® Fitness at coolhotyoga? Watch & find out!"  Well,  that's what we did.  And believe us Tommy, we didn't mind watching.





Tommy is known as a Digital Influencer, Steve Weatherford a former Giants player and Super Bowl Champion, and Gio Benitez as an ABC Newscaster currently traveling in Florida covering Hurricane Matthew.  It seemed that Gio was having a little fun, but desired the others to be on camera more than he, even though Gio may have the greater on screen experience than his husband Tommy or Steve.

All of boys looked pretty fit and some of the stretches seemed a bit difficult, deep, and rewarding.

Would you try Upside Down Yoga?

If you have, is it worth it?

Steve still looks pretty fit from every angle.

No pain no gain?  I thought this was Yoga?

Wait, we've seen this before, no?

There's nothing like a strong back.

My gut doesn't look like that.


Yes, Tommy, we're listening.

Goi is saying, "Go pay attention to those other guys."

The happy couple that smiles together, stays together.


h/t:  Video Directed by: Scott Surman

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