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Uraguayan Actor (& Ricky Martin's Alleged Paramour) Federico Díaz Comes Out

Uraguayan actor Federico Díaz, who's been linked to Ricky Martin and allegedly played a part in the break-up of Martin and his longtime partner, Carlos Gonzalez Abella, has officially come out as gay.

Díaz writes on Twitter (translated via Latin Times):

"The day has come! Only God knows when and how. I only let myself be guided. I feel that God has awarded me with homosexuality, the sensation of confusion that I had and the uncertainty throughout the years of knowing who I really am has been left behind. Today I am starting to walk a new life, with no ties, no lies, no annoyances or pain, due to the fact that these feelings only depress and generate anguish in the heart. I came to this Earth to be HAPPY, to hug, to realize dreams, to take care of my loved ones and to leave a positive footprint in life. I am gay and I am sharing this with respect, love and gratitude to everyone that gives meaning to my life. Thank you for everything and together we will achieve more. I love you all very much."

​​Is an official "couple announcement" next??

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He's sexy but if he's a home wrecker he should be ashamed. Gay guys need to stop trying to screw or steal other people's partners. No morals. It's pure selfishness! Jerk off or find your own man, filthy sluts!

i dont get the term home wrecker" because nobody can "WRECK" a home except the people in it! if ricky and his partner were happy then nobody would come between them. just because you are hot doesnt mean you get anyone you want. if ricky chose to leave his home for someone else, then HE wrecked his home....nobody else!

As long as you're hot, handsome, muscled, statuesque, gorgeous, but a home wrecker, gays WILL ALWAYS excuse that last bit in the name of beauty!

Are people seriously praising this homewrecker just because he's cute? Is that the positive footprint in life he means? Whatever. 

A-menzes!!! That's all I got to say...luv, luv and more luv!!! ;)

Hi dear instint,

good day, Woow that guy with Ricky Martin n lucky he so 100% handsome n Woow hope they can go back together couple n pls tell Ricky Martin go with him better n think they can so match n Ricky Martin oso handsome both same too n I love them so much n wanna to meet them n hope so

take care

cute smile


He's still a home wrecker and now everyone knows it..

He is even hotter than Ricky so whatever good for them...

it amazes me how someone else can judge another persons coming out experience and be brave enough to stay anonymous :) .and then to call someone shallow just because he ma have found love again (where is it written in stone that there is a proper amount of time to move on???) we have to remember we REALLY don't know these people and maybe just maybe we should be happy for them and supportive :) :) :) just sayin

Jesus do go on sweetie, you are gay you decided to hide this and now u make it sound like u have discovered a new u? Grow up!

I will say the same thing I said when Omar Sharif, Jr. came out, "Thank you, Baby Jesus!  There is a God after all!"

very beautiful guys, no matter what other people think, just follow yourself

Well, that took a long time.   Uh....not quite 4 months since the breakup with his last partner?   Shallow waters there...  

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