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U.S. Olympic Skier Bode Miller Won't Be Silent: Russia's Anti-Gay Law Is 'Absolutely Embarrassing'

Don't expect Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller to keep his opinion on Russia's anti-gay legislation to himself!

The champion skier, who's widely believed to be the greatest American downhill skier in history, didn't hold back when questioned on Russia's law and its impact on the Olympics.  

Miller spoke to reporters on Monday at the US Olympic media summit, saying:

"I think it is absolutely embarrassing there are countries and people who are that intolerant or that ignorant.

"It’s not the first time. We have been dealing with human rights issues since there were humans.

"My main emotion when I hear and deal with situations like that is embarrassment. As a human being, I think it is embarrassing."

Miller also denounced the argument that sports and politics should be kept out of the Olympics.

"They always are intertwined," he says. "Asking an athlete to go somewhere and compete and be a representative of that philosophy and all the different crap that kind of goes along with it and then telling them they can’t tell them they express their views or they can’t say what they believe is pretty hypocritical and unfair." 

We like where your head is, Bode! Get loud. 

Assuming he makes the U.S. team, we definitely know who we'll be rooting for in Sochi!


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Fuck you Mr.Putin. Too bad, I always wanted to go Russia, but I will pass


It is a ridiculous law, that has made it illegal to be a good citizen in Russia. If a person aged 17 or under sees a homosexual being successful, or in any way contributing to our community, such as by winning a medal at Sochi, then that becomes "homosexual propaganda" and the unfortunate gay person will be arrested, escorted off the Olympic victory dais by police, charged with extremism, imprisoned for up to 15 days, fined heavily and then deported from Russia in disgrace.

it is now illegal for me to walk down any public road in Russia holding the hand of my male partner, if a person aged 17 or younger even MIGHT see us. It is illegal for an 18 year old lesbian or gay person to come out to their family as gay, if they have siblings under 18. It is illegal for parents to support their gay children publicly. It is illegal for a teacher to be openly gay. It is illegal for a teacher to tackle homophobic bullying of suicidal LGBT teenagers.

This country is a cesspool of hatred and bigotry, and Putin is exploiting this in order to garner the Russian Orthodox Church vote.

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