Usher Cooks In His Underwear For Fans On Instagram

Usher promised to prove to fans that he cooks in his underwear if Team Usher contestant Josh Kaugman won this season of The Voice. Well, Josh won and so did we!

Yum. How do you like your eggs, Instincters?!


Bravo, Usher :)

U r a mess...u know females like that ...smh Mr.Usher u know what exactly to u much

I think he is great :-). And for all those negative comments..........well to each his own.

I'll have him anytime.........over easy or otherwise


I totally agree with you, there's always some with negative comments no matter how good he is at what he does and he's sexy as hell

Usher looks like an orangatuin ape

I'll take him over easy.   Oups!   Sorry my eggs over easy

Another fading pop star desperate to promote his latest tired album.

He's adorable.  He kind of reminds me of my last BF

im pretty sure he doesn't care what we think and ladies don't care either he has money that is how that works

I dont see what the big deal is. Looks stuffed to me.


I have seen usher in his undies b4 and his bulge wasnt so big. Tube sock anyone?

Ever heard of morning wood? ;)


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