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Utah To Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling To Supreme Court

Utah's Attorney General has announced that the state will be taking its defense of their same-sex marriage ban, which was deemed unconstitutional, all the way to the Supreme Court. 

According to Attorney General Sean Reyes (via FOX 13 Salt Lake City):

“To obtain clarity and resolution from the highest court, the Utah Attorney General’s Office will not seek en banc review of the Kitchen v. Herbert Tenth Circuit decision, but will file a Petition for Writ of Certioari to the United States Supreme Court in the coming weeks. Attorney General Reyes has a sworn duty to defend the laws of our state.  Utah’s Constitutional Amendment 3 is presumed to be constitutional unless the highest court deems otherwise.”

This will be the first same-sex marriage ban case to reach the Supreme Court since the DOMA decision in June 2013.


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Ridiculous.  Let people be happy.  Then the ridiculousness is magnified by the millions.  Yes, MILLIONS of tax dollars being wasted on pursuing this.  Guess that's what so stereotypical about Utah though.

Isn't Utah the state where they have multiple wives? It's against the law but somehow they get away with it. 

Todays paper says it'll be October when this goes before the Supreme Court. I think they're spending a lot of time and unnecessary taxpayers money fighting a loosing battle. But, hopefully, it'll show states like Florida, for example, that they're not going to win this. The bottom line is-it's bigoted, discrimination aimed at a segment of society. Michelangelo was gay as was Leonardo Davinchi. And of course a multitude of other fore fathers who contributed so greatly to the human race. 

if he looks stupid it's because that's a qualification for public office of Mormon lackeys in Utah.

Don't argue about whether he believes it or not, it's just his job to do whatever mormonity asks him to do

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