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Utah Governor Slams Pennsylvania Gov.'s Refusal To Defend Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Utah Governor Gary Herbert slammed New Jersey Governor Tom Corbett for refusing to appeal a federal judge's ruling which struck down Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban. 

Herbert is currently defending the ban in Utah following a federal judge's ruling that it was unconstitutional in December.  

The Associated Press reports

Herbert made the comments Thursday during his monthly televised news conference on KUED. The Republican governor said he's dismayed by the suggestion that Utah should drop its defense of the 2004 voter-approved ban because public opinion and social mores are shifting.

He said seeing Oregon and Pennsylvania leaders this week decide not to appeal rulings from federal judges striking down bans there does nothing to change his thinking. He said those leaders should be "called on the carpet" for their decision.

"For elected officials, governors or attorney generals, to pick and choose what laws (they) will enforce I think is a tragedy, and is the next step to anarchy," Herbert said. "We have an obligation as a state to defend those laws."

What do you think of Herbert's argument, Instincters??

It sounds like this will all amount to a lot of wasted tax dollars in Utah--because we're going to win!


two words for him....Fuck you!

He obviously needs to learn the rules of law. Once the Federal courts declared the bans unconstitutional, those  "laws" were no longer "laws".  So to say that these leaders were not doing their jobs by enforcing the laws is not accurate and an empty statement.  If they were to appeal, as iHerbert is doing, they would only be appealing the decision, not enforcing the law of the ban on same-sex marriage

Herbert should educate himself by reading Aaron's comment.


The ingrate has an obligation to respect, protect, and represent the LGBT citizens of his state and their 1st and 14th amendment rights or he has NO legal right to tax them. The LGBT people of Utah need to put that rabid baboon in his place. He is your employee. Put your feet (figuratively speaking of course) on his throat until he begs for mercy. He accepts tax dollars from you, therefor you own him so force him to bow down to you. 

As a Utahn, I think he is completely out of line and pushing his own agenda.  His popularity as well as the Attorney General are low enough and I think he has pissed enough people off in the state of Utah for what he is doing to never be elected again.  Utah gave 2+ Million to fight this losing battle, all of it tax payer money, when Utah ranks last in the amount of Education funding.  He wastes our money and humiliates this state.

Tom Corbett is the governor of Pennsylvania not New Jersey.

Herbert's an ass, said a Utahn who didn't vote for him.

I think he should mind his own damned business and keep his wagging tongue within his Mormon sh*thole of a state.

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