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Utah Language Blogger Fired For Writing About 'Homophones'

A Provo, Utah based blogger was fired from a private English language learning center after committing the grand offense of writing about homophones. 

Yes, you read that right, homophones--as in words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Not "homophobes." 

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Tim Torkildson says after he wrote the blog on the website of his employer, Nomen Global Language Center, his boss and Nomen owner Clarke Woodger, called him into his office and told him he was fired.

As Torkildson tells it, Woodger said he could not trust him and that the blog about homophones was the last straw.

"Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality," Woodger complained, according to Torkildson, who posted the exchange on his Facebook page.

Torkildson says he was careful to write a straightforward explanation of homophones. He knew the "homo" part of the word could be politically charged, but he thought the explanation of that quirky part of the English language would be educational.


For his part, Torkildson's boss says he wasn't fired solely based on the blog post.

Woodger says his reaction to Torkildson’s blog has nothing to do with homosexuality but that Torkildson had caused him concern because he would "go off on tangents" in his blogs that would be confusing and sometimes could be considered offensive.

If we'd have to guess, we'd assume Torkildson was fired based on his boss's ignorance of how language works. What's your take, Instincters?


(H/T: HuffPo)



His boss is, in fact, a homophobe.

I remember learning what a homophone is in English class 35 years ago. LOL

His boss is an illiterate boob

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