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Utah Man Starving Himself To Stop Same-Sex Marriage

Are we sure Trestin Meacham isn't just on a New Year's GOOP cleanse?

The Utah man is vowing to go without food until the state halts same-sex marriages. He hasn't eaten anything in 12 days (with the exception of some vitamins and water) and has lost 25 pounds so we're pretty sure he's probably close to his goal weight. 

As Meacham explains:

"You can start a blog and you can complain on social networks until you're blue in the face and nothing will happen but actions speak louder than words and I'm taking action," said Meacham. 

Meacham tells Reporter Brian Carlson he's fasting to convince Utah to exercise the option of “nullification.” It's posted on Meacham's blog. According to his interpretation of states’ rights, Utah can nullify the recent federal court ruling by simply choosing not to follow it.

"Jefferson made clear that the courts are not the supreme arbitrators of what is and what is not constitutional. The states also have power," said Meacham. 

Check out this video report on Meacham's hunger strike:

What's your take on Meacham's hunger strike, Instincters?


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Oh Dear. Look we have same sex marriages in the UK and the world hasn't ended. Perhaps this guy can just carry on choosing not to eat? One less silly person?

Maybe he's just trying to fit into the dress.

This appears to be the 21st century version of "evolution". Interesting.

Exactly. Let the MORON MORMON starve death. Do you see how close the spelling is of both those words in caps. Nuff said.....die!!!

It's sad, I pity him. He've definitely been hurt in the past.

The LDS Diet! So we get to marry and nutjob mormons starve themselves to death? And there's no catch? Wow! I call that a good day! Buh-bye, RWNJs.

Keep on going dude starve yourself, and die, you deserve it this is the 21st century, Narrow minded, BIGOT.....................

Deeply-closeted man with no guts to come out. So death by starvation is his choice. Cowardly and dumb.

die, die, i am sick off all these stupid mfkers... :)

I am going to hold my breath until he gets a bite to eat.. .. ..  Hmmf,  THAT didn't work..  Next.

I can't believe a human being is willing to starve to DENY EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL.  Some time in his life the brainwashing has been completed!  What a waste of human resources.

The good of the many outweigh the good of the few. Have fun starving yourself to death you dumb asshat !!!!

Good riddance to another idiot waste space on earth.

Exactly let him starve. But I'm with another poster,I bet he will not starve stupid idiot. 

I'll lay odds he won't starve to death...

Not to be rude, but this seems like a problem that will solve itself...  And sidebar, if you're threatened by other people's love, that doesn't make you a conscientious objector, IT MAKES YOU A CARE BEARS VILLAIN.

Total moron...! you think anyone cares about this moronic publicity stunt!  Marriage equality is coming with our without your stupid stunt....Dumb guy, , dumb decision

I say let's all chip in and buy him his casket.  Perhaps that'll send an even more powerful message to him, showing how ugly his attitude and his protest really is.  Let him starve.

So the State and Federal will halt all gay marriage (never mind, that it will hurt a lot of LGBT families) just because this mentally ill person is on a hunger strike?

Bahhhh... can't really be bothered by another idiot trying to stop the unstoppable. If you wanted to lose weight, just go to the gym. At least that way not everyone has to see your face on tv.

I find this quite extraordinary that someone is prepared to die for a cause that will soon be universal. Am quite prepared to sat...'let him die@ because he is fighting for a worthless cause. Falling in love is something quite natural whether it be a man to woman - man to man and woman to woman. Getting married is an expression of love and commitment and should not be denied to anyone .... whatever gender is involved. This guy should be thoroughly ashamed of himself x

That will be one bigoted looking skeleton!!

He is an Idiot!!!! Starving yourself over something as trivial as that! Why don't you starve yourself over something that really matters like stopping child abuse or trying to get people to move on curing cancer or <GASP> HIV..... Oh right.... You think tha is a scourge against the homosexuals..... But buddy, I got news for ya.... It ain't just a homosexual disease anymore! Like I said..... He is a total idiot!

Another one who is fighting his idenity problem. Let him starve, it's his choice.

That's right, Trestin, harm yourself to prove your point. If you die from starving yourself, well, that will be one less person against marriage equality. Well played, Trestin, well played.

It's his decision, so let him starve. 

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