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Utah's Biggest Parade Bans Gays

The LGBT community and even its straight allies will not be represented at Utah's biggest parade on July 24. 

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Days of ’47 Parade organizers have denied a float application from Mormons Building Bridges, saying an entry from the group founded to improve relationships between Latter-day Saints and the gay community would be too controversial.

"The parade is very specific in its requirement that no float can enter that will create controversy," Executive Vice President Greg James said Tuesday. "We wouldn’t have the Mormons Building Bridges float in there any more than we’d have the NRA [National Rifle Association] or something else that might turn people off."

The July 24 event, which celebrates the Mormon pioneers’ 1847 arrival in the Salt Lake Valley, is Utah’s biggest parade.

"We’re nonpartisan. We don’t take a position on any issue," James said. "One of the problems in the country right now is everyone is too polarized. We’re just trying to stay as neutral as we can."

As JoeMyGod reports, parade organizers have also rejected applications from PFLAG, Equality Utah and Utah Pride. 



Mormonism IS controversy wrapped in a fucked up magic underpants religion. Has Jesus vacationed in Missouri lately with some magic rocks? Just thank the universe you aren't Mormon and move on with life.

ok....wait.   so this asshole just compared a friendly float to the Rifles Association!!!!   What.....The....FUCK!     For once people are trying to NOT be haters, to support the gay community, and they won't allow it.   Now they have controversy before the parade even takes place.  Assholes.

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